Saturday, June 30, 2012

All American Girl.

Hey guys! Hope you're well!
I don't think I need to explain just how much of a fan I am of American Flag Print. I think my love stems from always *wanting* to be an American. Being brought up on tv shows like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network (Saved by the bell ftw!) I always loved how different things were. The food, the accent, the places, the schoollife. And my love is still going strong, especially when you have a show such as 90210 which makes you wish you were all of them (or just Naomi, such a goddess!)

I thought I'd show you my American Flag print pieces of clothing as it's coming up to the fourth of July, and I kinda wanna do another American theme post like my American Pie one, which was so tacky it was amazing haha.

American Flag Print Bikini, c/o Madlady
I was contacted by madlady to see if I wanted to have this gorgeous bikini. I remember when these badboys were really hard to get ahold of, and how everytime I saw this floating around tumblr and weheartit I would die with envy! They've become more *mainstream* now, but I'm glad I've got my hands on one!

American Flag Print Lookalike Litas, c/o soyoushoes
This is my 3rd pair of 'lookalike' Litas now, and they literally look bang the same as the Jeffreys! I really want to pair these with the leggings on the 4th of July, and they actually look pretty crazy together! Like with all my lookalikes these are easy peasy to walk in and add that extra something to an outfit! They're ridiculous cheap at the moment aswell, seen some for like £12 on ebay at the moment!

American Flag print Jumper, c/o Missguided
I LOVE this jumper. I already beamed about how much I loved it a while ago when I blogged about it, but it's a rarity to have a jumper actually be so small and well fitting for my petite self. I literally live in this and get so many compliments, especially on lazy days with my riding pants or pyjamas bottoms!

American Flag Print Leggings, ebay - £6.99
Oh my god. Can I just say that I have bought like a million pairs of leggings from this seller because of how CHEAP they are and different prints they have? they aren't like crazy good quality, and admitedly the s/m doesn't perfectly fit my size 6 and 5ft tall self, but I can get over that because of how ridicuously cheap they are. I want the peace sign ones next and a few others (which are sold in topshop for like £20!) I never thought I'd be a proper leggings fan tbh but I love them because of easy they are for adding something different to an outfit!

America Flag Print Iron Fist Wedges, c/o FYFO
I said when i first got these that I preffered a wedge to the lita style, and even though I have both I still love these badboys. I love walking down the street and seeing peoples faces as they see these shoes - they're just crazy in every way possible and I love it! They're the comfiest shoes out of all I own because its a fairly low wedge aswell!!

So these are my flag print items of clothing! I think I just need to invest in a pair of flag print shorts and a jacket or something and I'll be sorted! I actually love the whole Americana thing, and really want to get into it on the 4th of July. I'm aware this makes me seem really crazy haha, but yeah! I'm also sorry this seems like a very 'c/o' post - I hadn't realised until I collated it altogether just how much was sent to me! My bad - this doesn't effect how I feel - I still love flag print regardless of it being free ;-)
Let me know if you are doing anything for the 4th of July or have bought into this crazy trend!

Friday, June 29, 2012


Jeffrey Campbell Clinics, ebay - £50
Ombre slouchy tee, c/o sheinside
American Apparel Disco Pants, c/o Republic
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote lookalike, ebay - £32
Inverted Kora Cross Necklace, c/o Rock'n'Rose
Ring, carboot - £1.50
Cuff, carboot - 50p

Hello everyone, hope you are well!
I wanted to show off my new Jeffrey Campbell Clinics which I was lucky enough to win off ebay! I would definitely recommend ebay if you are looking for a good pair of Jeffrey Campbells but can't fork out the huge pricetag! These were fairly scuffed and came it at quite a nice £50! My boyfriend polished them and they look almost brand new now!
They are quite a low heel/wedge for me I must admit, but they are so FIERCE! I can't believe I finally own a legit pair of Jeffreys either - eeee! I like that they're different from the standard litas aswell (and I own 3 copies already!)

Another ebay bargain is my new bag! Do you like it? Its so different to any of the bags I've seen and a coycat of an Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote! I haven't seen any bloggers with it either (although I'm sure the trend will pick up!) like everyone has the tan zara shopper!

This top is from sheinside and I absolutely loooooveeee it! It is slightly short at the front compared to the back, and the orange colour is different to most of the colours in my wardrobe!

I'm also sporting my new American Apparel Disco Pants - woohoo! You may have seen me instagram that I was ordering them from the American Apparel website with a discount code and was super excited. However, they actually didn't have my size in stock anymore (too many people jumped on the bandwagon because of the code!) Luckily, as I'm blogging for Republic at the moment, I was lucky enough to recieve a pair off them as they now stock AA! I'm deifnitely a happy bunny (and they fit like a dreeeam!)

Hope you're all okay! The shop restock will be happening on monday I think - fingers crossed I can get everything done in time! Have a fabby weekend :-)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

#03 - Thrifty Thursday : Bargain Bling!

Hello guys! Just a quick one today as I'm a busy bee running around posting things off for my ebay store (thankyou if you bought something!) and getting my next lot of things up - along with blogging for republic, blogging for shewearsfashion and generally being exhausted!

Though I'd show you a few bracelets I'be picked up from bootsales! I really want to build a collection of lots of them, from hippie wooden styled bracelets to gorgeous gold cuffs!

Here are just a few I picked!

Green cuff - 50p
Pearl Bracelet - 10p
Orange and wooden bracelet - 40p
Shell/pearly bracelet - 30p
Gold and black cuff - 50p

Heres hoping I can get more and have a whole arm of candy!
Hope you've been well! Got a new post tomorrow featuring my DISCO PANTS and NEW JEFFREY CAMPBELLS!!! (I was featured on their website aswell recently - eek!)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

#01 Youwearfashion - shop restock!

I've mentioned it quite a few times now, but I've been doing my ebay store pretty much full time for the past month or so, and whenever I mention it it does kinda sound like I'm just shoving a few of my 'old clothes' from my wardrobe on.

You Wear Fashion is my first proper venture into a little 'business' and I absolutely love it at the moment! I'm sat there thinking of all the different designs I want to do, and all the different things I want to get in! I'm then studding, sewing, fraying, dying - anything to make it into what I've imagined in my head! The only thing I find really difficult is that I want to keep the majority of the items for myself!
It's going really well so far, and far exceeding my expectations, and it sounds super cheesey but so many of you have been really sweet about it! I also recognise peoples names that pop up again and again that keep coming back buying from my store - and thats probably the nicest thing about it :-)

Here are a few of the things on at the moment, and if you click them it will take you straight to the auction!

I *think* I will be restocking wednesday or thursday, please don't hold me to that as I am currently sat deep in clothes trying to get enough together for a restock! Of course I will tweet and instagram when I do - and good luck bidding and thankyou so much for the continued support!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Princess of China.

Hey guys! How are you all?
I recently posted on the Republic blog and wanted to quickly share what I came up with!

Miso orange perforated bralet, c/o Republic (£20)
Zara floral TRF skirt, carboot - £1
Miso Trilby hat, c/o Republic (£12)
ASOS bitten platforms, gift (similar here!)
Straw beach bag, carboot - 50p

I absolutely love this bralet. Honestly - never felt anything softer in my entire life! I really want to style it with a pair of cool runnng shorts for a 'sports luxe' kinda thing! I teamed it with my new £1 zara skirt I thrifted and the trilby miso hate from republic (one of my staples for summer now!)
I was going to team it with my brown bag but saw this bach bag I picked up for 50p a while ago for the carboot and though it looked very holiday esque!

May have to convince James to take me away somewhere just so I can wear this outfit!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

#02 Thrifty Thursday : The £5 Outfit.

I was super excited to get this post up and show you guys!
I've seen a few of these '£x outfit' on other peoples blogs, but hardly every a whole outfit, shoes and bags included, which cost a mere £5. thats right - a fiver!

I struggled with this, and I wanted to make sure I didn't cheat. It really had to be a £5 outfit. The rules are as follows :
1. No gift items or company items sent free - otherwise it's super easy!
2. You have to include at least 4 items of clothing. So I have chosen shoes, bag , skirt and top, wheras you could easily do shoes, dress, necklace and bracelet - as long as it's 4 items! I find it much harder to do a top and skirt however, as I have a million 50p dresses lying around!
3. You can do this with any price you like as long as it's a bargain - wether it be £2 or £15 outfit!

New look drop arm baggy dress (worn as vest!), carboot - 50p
Zara floral TRF skirt, carboot - £1
Primark suede wedges, carboot - £3 (brand new!)
Warehouse quilted clutch bag, carboot - 50p

Total Price : £5!

I really fell in love with the new look dress as soon as I saw it! It has a drop arm hole and is similar to the black topshop vest I thrifted and showed you on my wear yourwardrobe challenge, it a great piece to go with everything!
The Zara skirt is ridiculously perfect for summer and I love everything about it! The Clutch I've already shown you, but is by warehouse and is a little scuffed but still perfect as a go to clutch. As its super big I can fit everything into it aswell :-)
And finally the shoes! I instagrammed this a little while back, as I was super happy to get these for £3! they're alot smaller than my usual high heel, but perfect for everyday, and when I feel like I'm going to be doing a little more walking than usual! They still had the £20 tag at the bottom, hadn't been worn, and they were in my teeny tiny sized (I have size 3 feet!) so they're definitely a complete anf utter bargain!

I hope you enjoyed this post and my bargain pieces!
I tag everyone to do this! Its very exciting and quite difficult to put together, and even I found it hard - and I own a million different thrifty bits. The best thing is that these are all highstreet brands , Newlook, Zara, Warehouse, Primark - not just vintage or not wel lknown brands. Just goes to prove that you can get the highstreet for a fraction of the price!

If you do this little 'tag' or whatever, please tweet or instagram me or comment - I really wanna see what people come up with!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm Wide Awake.

Hello everyone! How are you you all?
Today it was actually boiling! I got up quite early (for me anyway!) and met up with a friend for a few drinks and a catchup. It was so lovely and hot, but it's cooled down now. I'm one of those annoying people that hates it when its too hot and when its too cold, but I never feel 'just right'!

I recieved this gorgeous dress in the post a while back with a couple other items from one of my favourite online stores Sheinside. I recieved a voucher from them and it was partially paid for it with that! I got 4 really lovely items that I can't wait to live in this summer!
This cosmic dress is drop hem (my favourite!) and the pattern is beautiful. It looks so cosmic and spacey, something that alot of the highstreet stores are yet to achieve with their cosmic themed clothing!

Cosmic sheer waterfall dress, sheinside* (£31)
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, c/o soyoushoes
Faux zara tan leather shopper tote, ebay - £11.99
Inverted Kora Cross Necklace, c/o Rock'n'Rose
*Paid for partially with a coupon, partially my own money

I've got a few things to show over the next few days and I'm dead impressed how often I have been posting! Thankyou for such kind words on the last post too - so so nice to see everyones reaction to the vegetarian thing and that people seem genuinely excited!
I've also got a special thrifty thursday tomorrow for you - A whole outfit which I thrifted for just £5! (including shoes and bags!)

As always I'm blogging over at republic tonight so check out my tweets and instagrams (@shewearsfashion) for when the next one is up later tonight :-)!
P.s. My store is being retocked between 7-8pm tonight! Take a lookie :-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Being vegetarian : A healthy lifestyle

Image source : forrealsmom

So this is not a typically conevential post for all you SWF followers. As it quite obviously states, my blog is pretty much about fashion. What I wear, trends I like, and occassionally things I've been up to. I really want to start making it more about me as a whole, and how I live my life. One of the biggest things is probably my healthy lifestyle.

Now please do not get me wrong, I am not the kind of girl that goes to the gym everyday, drinks protein shakes and has abs the size of my fist. I still eat the occasional (sometimes a little TOO occasional) junk food and cheese and carbs will always be my achilles heel. But on a whole, I decided to start leading a healthier lifestyle, which started with me turning into a vegetarian.

Image source : cheaprecipeblog

Now, I'm not going into weightloss, as it's a personal thing and I don't really want to act like I know about weightloss when I don't, as everyone is so so different. But I will say this :
1. I have quite obviously lost weight from the beginning of my blog until now as I was 16 when I started this blog. 16. I am now 19, grown up and dropped puppy fat like quite alot of people my age.
2. I live a healthy lifestyle & I do put the work in. I don't live by a set amount of calories and I see food as a friend, not an enemy. Having a good relationship with food is the most important thing in any kind of weightloss or healthy living.
3. Turning vegetarian alone won't make you lose weight. It's not a quick fix for everyone and if you are a meat lover then please don't deprive yourself just because you think it will make you lose weight! It definitely contributed for me as I was able to eat healthier options, but I really did cut alot of junk like all the pot noodles and crisps I used to live off!

Image source : The Shiksa in the Kitchen

Moving on, As I am now vegetarian, and I get so many people asking about what kind of things they can eat, I'm going to do a few posts with pretty pictures and recipes of stuff I love all vegetarian! I want to branch out and try more of the main vegetarian brands (cauldron, Linda mccartney, Quorn) And give people my two cents. I've only been veggie for almost 2 years now, so I'm not acting like an expert in any way, just what I like to eat!

Image source : Thats So Vegan

I also feel like it's a great opportunity for me to actually experiment myself, trying new food and branching out to the best vegetarian products I feel are out there. Many Vegetarian products are actually not that good for you however, which I'm actually still shocked about everytime I go into a supermarket. I personally focus on Saturated Fats, and just because it's vegetarian, it doesn't *necessarily* mean healthy!

I hope this has gotten some of you a little more excited as to whats going to be going on with my blog - I know I'm not the best blogger, but I really want this to represent me as a whole, not just 'Oh look at me wearing heels and a dress' haha, as there is alot more to me than just that!

Image source : The Starved Writer

One last point is that i have linked all photos to their source, But I actual found all of these on my FAVOURITE food inspiration blog (yes, I follow food inspiration blogs, not very fashion blogger of me haha!) called foodfuck. Oh my god, they have the nicest food pictures posted, but not only that, they actually take the time to source every photo to the original source which is usually a recipe! I hate seeing a picture of food and thinking 'Just how did they do that'? Anyway, I suggest you get inspired by following people like that as it really is super inspirational!

Image source : Me!

Let me know what you think, if theres anything you want to see in this series and any questions! The next post for Being Vegetarian is a little tutorial on 'easy nachos'. If you follow me on tumblr (@shewearsfashion!) you will have seen many snaps of these badboys!