Monday, April 30, 2012

#02 April Wishlist - ft Ernest Jones

I was lucky enough to be asked to get involved with Ernest Jones and their new campaign, and was sent their lookbook with a few key trends and items. I'm always a little hesitant with these things, but after I saw the actual lookbook and how 'fashion' orientated it was, and how lovely the colours and eveything was, I thought it would be quite lovely to share as part of a special addition of my wishlist posts!

Twirling twenties, Flirty Fifties, Mighty Brights, Molten Metalics, Soft Sorbet & Super Prints! (scanned in from their S/S Lookbook!)

Here are a few of my favourites from the collection!

Michael Kors Pastel Lilac Watch £195 / Marco Bicego 'Paradise' Mixed Stone 5 Strand Bracelet £2655 / Yellow Gold Diamond Ring £1999 / Marco Bicego 'Japur' Mixed Stone Ring £1565 / Twisted Lattice Necklace £299 (All available on their website!)

I chose them all from the 'Soft Sorbet collection' - which was my favourite from all of them! The five strand bracelet is so so so pretty, and don't even get me started on the pastel Michael Kors watch - seriously! They're all perfect for summer too :-)
Ernest Jones are currently running a 'Wishlist' contest, where you could win your favourite pieces. Have a little peek on their Facebook Page for more info! :-)

Sorry I haven't posted in over a week! Outfit post tomorrow and loads more to come!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

#03 Date Night - Greek

Tonight we're going out for food with my boyfriends family, and it's his sortof 'birthday meal'
As soon as I recieved this dress, I knew it had to be a 'date night' feature. It is so beautiful and light, had really gorgeous gold detailing on thr front, but is not too in your face. I absolutely LOVE the cross back aswell, although I really hate my back, I wanted to show you the detail as it's too pretty to go unnoticed! I'm also wearing my standard and comfy gold heels, but I've popped the ebay link this time because I know peoples proms are coming up & these were great gold strappy platform heels for mine and I lasted in them all night! & They're only £8 and come in black & silver ;-)

Black & Gold grecian style dress, c/o Sugarlips Apparel
Gold House of Harow inspired headpiece, c/o Unique Accessorize
Gold platform heels, ebay - £8

If you follow me on instagram, you will have seen me post about this new gorgeous headpiece that I was very fortunate to receive. It is from an ebay seller called unique accessorize, & She sells loads of House of Harlow inspired bohemian pieces, and I know I'm going to wear this all the time. It's so so so amazing and looks ridiculously expensive. I'm getting really into the summer bohemian and tribal kinda look at the moment! She has a few different designs which she stocks & I would say they suit any kind of head shape. If you haven't noticed, I have what I like to call, a '3 finger forehead'. It's TINY. I've never been able to have a fringe etc because theres just not enough room! This headpiece still fits quite snuggly on my head, which is quite rare! It is also adjustable, which I think it quite handy!

My hair is SUPER STRAIGHT. I know, I know. I think it just looked better like this with the headpiece and it looks crazy flat on the photos haha. You can see my ombre really well though & I'm super happy with it! I've had great feedback off everyone and you've all been so nice, so thankyou! I'll be doing a little tips and tricks DIY ombre post soon so if you want to dye it but aren't sure, keep an eye out because I just did it with cheap dyes (about a tenner altogether for bleach x3 & brown hair dye!) and it turned out lovely (I think anyway hehe)

Off to go for the meal now, will be such a nice evening and can't wait to have a good pigout! We've chosen a lovely Prezzo & I've never been - but Pizza is my faaaavourite! I had a Pizza hut Thursday, A Dominos yesterday and now today - I think I have a slight problem!

Have a fabby weekend guys - hit the charity shops today and so have a few things I want to show over the next few weeks :-)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Riding Pants.

American Apparel Riding pants, ebay - £35
DIY Cut up Stripey crop jumper, Carboot - 50p
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, c/o soyoushoes
Inverted Kora Cross Necklace, c/o Rock'n'Rose

I haven't properly gone in depth about my riding pants, but they really are the best investment I have made this year!
I wear them liek I would wear leggings, with baggy tees and jumpers. But I also wear them like high waisted trousers, with crop tops and tops tucket in. they are super comfy and I thik they're alot like american apparel disco pants - they literally flatter every figure! They're super thick and warm aswell, I don't wear any of my old leggings anymore as they just don't cut it!
I was lucky enough to get them off ebay for a mere £35, compared to their RRP price! I got them in an XS, which translates as a 6/8 and they're pretty true to size!

I cut up this stripey jumper as it was fairly boring and I own about a million, and I love wearing it with my high waisted levi shorts & Riding pants :-)

Just a quick one today as I'm currently nursing a pizza hut food baby and actually relaxing for the first time in weeks! Hope you all have a great thursday and remember - It's friday tomorrow ;-)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I was lucky enough to e invited down to Manchester Fashion Week to see Missguideds show, and it was such a great experience

Bright pink blazer, c/o Missguided
Aztec / Tribal print bodycon skirt, c/o Missguided
Topshop white oversized tee, ebay - £10
Faux zara tan leather shopper tote, ebay - £18
ASOS bitten platforms, gift
Gold collar necklace, Primark - £1 (sale)

I rocked some Missguided gear, but unfortunately it was awful weather, so instead of this gorgeous tribal skirt, it was my riding pants instead! *sigh* But I LOVE this outfit combo! I saw the Tribal skirt syled with their popular bright pink blazer on their instagram & couldn't wait to wear it. It's not something I actually would of thought of, and is quite 'tailored' for what I usually go for but it's super pretty put together.

I got to finally meet the gorgeous Gem, And see Victoria, Sara, Rosie & Lara again!
Unfortunately I actually fell quite ill, and wasn't able to attend the afterparty, and curled up in my friends flat and a hot water bottle at 7pm. Boo! I just wore myself out and needed to have a rest.
My camera was playing up loads so didn't get as many shots as I wanted - but here are a few of my favourites!

I'm so so so impressed - Missguideds styling was amazing & the new stuff coming in is perfect for summer. Flag prints, tribal & shorts!
I am so so happy I got to go, was such a lovely day! Thankyou Missguided & Sara!

You may have noticed my ombre is slightly darker now, I put light brown dye over the top. I do love the blonde, I really do, but I wanted to have something just a little more 'natural' I love how it turned out! No doubt that it will get lighter over time anyway, but I'm alot happier now :-)
It's my boyfriends birthday AND our one year anniversary tomorrow (I know right ahaha) so will be quite busy busy! Going to have a few incredible outfits to show you though for the birthday and anniversary date nights, so keep your eyes peeled ;-)
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

#01 Ebay Bargain - Quilted phone case

I saw a few of these designer inspired phonecases knocking about on tumblr etc, and was so desperate to get my hands on one! They were so difficult to get ahold of, until I actually stumbled upon a seller on ebay with these little beauties!

Click here for the ebay listing!

EDIT: They don't sell them anymore (gutted) This is the best I can do! -

Isn't it just the nicest phonecase ever? It is properly quilted and feels such good quality for only £7.27 (inc postage!)! The shipping wasn't the fastest in the world, but thats to be expected from all the way in China! It came in this little box aswell, ridiculously cute!

Just thought I'd show you as I haven't seen any of these on blogs yet & thought it would be nice to share with you guys ? :-)
Hope you've all had a fabby weekend!

Friday, April 13, 2012


(Warning - Quite picture heavy!)

So if you have been keeping up with me on twitter & instagram, you will have read that I decided to bite the bullet & ombre my hair yesterday.
I you don't know, ombre is like dip dying, making the tips of yur hair look either darker or lighter.

I decided this one day last month I think, I was just so bored of having had the same hair for like 3-4 years, and I didn't fancy cutting it. I'm also not a fan of fringes as I have a '3 finger forehead' as I ike to call it (it's very very small!)

When I was younger I always wanted to dye my hair a darkish brown. Having jet black hair though, I knew I'd have to bleach it etc, and I just couldn't be bothered with having to do the whole 'root touch up thing' (I really cannot stand roots!) & I'm actually a very low maintenace girl at heart, and always was OK with my hair!
After seeing Lydia at Motel who has an amazing ombre, and a few others online, I knew for sure I wanted to do it. My boyfriend is away on holiday (boo hoo!) and thought it would be realy nice to surprise him! He knows I'm doing it, just not sure when! I also wanted to have it lighter for summer, as I think alot of people get highlights etc so I think its the perfect time!

Black dip hem dress, c/o inlovewithfashion
Tan faux jeffrey campbell litas, c/o soyoushoes

My hair is alot lighter than I expected. I wanted it to be fairly blondish, as I think it looks really amazing, but I'm still getting used to it! The dye I used is supposed to be for people with 'brown - dark brown' hair and NOT for people with black hair. I used it anyway and it literally took to my hair like a moth to a flame! I will do a proper post on how I did it next week I think, but for now I just wanted to show you. On the photos it looks like it goes from black straight to blonde, but it definitely has more of a 'faded' effect, I guess the photos can't pick it up! Also, please note that my hair does looke very damaged on the photos as I did only dye it yesterday! If you have any recommendations of hair products that will make it better, please do tell! I've already got Moroccan Oil & Philip Kingsley Elasticizer on my wishlist thanks to Jen!

Also decided this gorgeous love dress shows it off well! I'm loving dip hemmed dressed at the moment and I own so many at the moment! This kinda shows why I wanted an ombre - On black clothes my black hair was nowhere near as nice as the ombre!

If you have any questions feel free to comment and ask or even ask on my tumblr page :-)
This is a scheduled post, as right now I am going to go out with my friends for a pub lunch - haven't seen them in ages & they're going back to uni soon as their easter is almost over! Scared of what they will say hehe!
So the real question - Do you like it? Are you going to get an ombre for summer?

p.s. theres los of things in ebay shop - forgot to tell you all! Check them out here :-)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I was lucky enough to pick up all these copies recently at a carboot for just £4, I'm dead happy! I've not really got enough money to buy Elle & Vogue all the time, so picking these ones up so recently & with the best covers ever (Who hasn't see the Alexa, Lana & Dakota on these covers ALL over the bloggersphere?!) so I'm one happy lady. I also got the Elle front row 'zine which still has the paper band around it - it hasn't been read! Well, it has now, but by me ;-)

On the topic of magazines, it's the perfect chance to show you the two magazines I have been featured in. I am so so happy and flattered and just overwhelmed that my first ever magazine feature was then followed by a second not long after!

Viva Magazine March 2012 issue

Tres Chic March 2012 Issue - Read full interview here (page 56)

Thankyou so much to Lianna from Viva Magazine & Sam from Tres Chic, I am super flattered and the features turned out incredible! they are now sat on my shelf next to my copies of Elle & Vogue.. Never though I'd say that!

p.s. Happy Easter, love Cinnamon & Dash x

Instagram : shewearsfashion :-)