Monday, February 27, 2012

#02 Date Night

James and I like to go on a 'date night' once a month - I think it's nice to get out and have a little treat, and also have an excuse to wear clothes I don't usually get to wear as they're 'fancy'.

I've decided to do my date nights as posts, before I go out ('#01 Date night installment was this post!)and maybe some pictures of food or whatevs we've gotten upto during the night! I'd also love to hear what you guys ever do on nights out - any nice restaurants or activities you recommend?

I was super kindly sent a couple of things to try from fashion union, a brand I was aware of but hadn't really checked out properly. I am so chuffed I got a black jumpsuit - I've been wanting to get one ever since buying the studded belt from a carboot for 50p! It's by the well known brand TFNC, and is ridiculously comfy and was great at hiding my foodbaby after all our food!

(excuse the creases, I'd sat down and done things before these photos!)

TFNC Black jumpsuit, c/o fashion union
Black studded belt (primark I think!?), carboot - 50p
Zara pointed black suede heels, ebay - £9
H&M Leopard clutch, c/o The Look Show Goodybag
Thomas sabo bracelet, gift

We tend to do it at the end of the month, and we decided to just go to the good ole' chinese that we went to on valentines day! It's super cheap and always dead empty, and we couldn't really be bothered to fork out loads.

We always get the same things -
Sesame prawn toast, egg fried rice, vegetarian chow mein, sweet and sour chicken, curry sauce, spring rolls, chips and prawn crackers.

Do you guys ever go on a date night with your significant other, or your best girlfriends? Any recommendations?

p.s. have posted a few things on ebay i need to get rid of if you wanna take a look here

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Part of me.

It was so sunny the other day, I could actually wear something vaguely summery!

Floral top, c/o glamorousuk
American Apparel Riding pants, ebay - £35
Faux zara tan leather shopper, ebay - £18
ASOS tan bitten heels, gift
Necklace, c/o eclectic eccentricity
Faux red arty ring, gift

The top is from glamorousuk and I'm wearing my new American apparel riding pants! I was lucky to snap them up for £35 inc postage, and they are the most flattering things in the whole entire world! If you like the american apparel disco pants, but think they're abit 'out there' for the daytime, then I recommend riding pants. They pull you in everywhere and are basically leggings, and they're high waisted and look really nice with tops took in! Need to thank the lovely Selina from flying saucer, who wholely convinced me after I saw her wearing them on her blog!

It's so strange British weather, my last post is me all snuggled up, and this one is me wearing bare arms! It's so difficult to know how to dress!

title: part of me - katy perry

Thursday, February 23, 2012

We found love.

Hello lovelies! Hope you're having a lovely week!
If you follow me on instagram or twitter you will have seen a sneak peak of this outfit photo! I didn't wear it today - as today was super sunny for once!

Beige faux fur coat, ebay - gift
Brown belt, primark - £1.50
Chunky knit red scarf, primark - £3 (sale)
Blue skinny jeans, c/o glamorousuk
Tan faux jeffrey campbell litas, c/o soyoushoes
Faux zara tan leather shopper tote, ebay - £18

It was so so so cold so I was all snuggled up in my favourite primark scarf & faux fur coat that james bought me for christmas off ebay. The little wolf ring was a gift from James for christmas and its super cute. I love my little quirky accessories and It's silver, which I don't really wear that often but I think its better silver than gold!

I've been buying more and more jeans recently, and was recently sent some amazing things from glamourous uk, and these blue jeans are one of them! They look gorgeous against red, and I've been putting outfits together in my head thinking how I can team them and the possibilities are endless! You'll be seeing alot more of glamorous uk on the blog as I've got so many lovely things to show you and I'm super impressed :-)
Just a note - the trousers are actually quite tight and would say maybe get a size bigger? I'm usually a 6 on trousers and got the 8's and they fit like a dream, but thats just my opinion of course! :-)

Let me know what you think guys and hope you're all okay! I was mega jealous of everyones pancake pictures from tuesday - I didn't have any as I was busy all day :( But I may have a pancake weekend! ;)

Monday, February 20, 2012

#01 instagram

Hello everyone, how are you? :-)
I wanted to do an outfit post but I've been feeling super under the weather, so I thought I'd do a little filler post with some roundup of instagram photos (I know everyone does this but I didn't want to neglect posting!)

My instagram name is just 'shewearsfashion'!

homade soup, me and my boyf, slippers, temple run champion!, dominoes pizza, me snuggled up in the snow, lots of new clothes c/o glamorousuk, snow fairy - best lush product ever!, Seansations crisps that are amazingg, handmade collar, my cute likkle rabbit, in the bath, my and my fluffy hat, me watching 90210 in the bath, pizza, me and my rabbit, sheffield in the snow!, disco nails, pretty rose, hunter wellies c/o outdoor kit, meeee!

Will have a new outfit picture later on in the week, hopefully wednesday! Have so many nice things to show you and exciting things to tell you! But until then if you want to follow me via twitter then I'll be around to chat to if anyone needs me :-) I've also had quite a few emails this week from you guys with questions etc & just wanna say honestly feel free to mail me! I always respond and will try and help with any questions you may have, or just general chitchat - I don't bite! Just email me @ :-)
P.S. I'm also taking advertisers on my sidebar if you want to drop me an email for quotes etc!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tentative decisions

It was really sunny here in Sheffield, So I made the most of it! There is still snow on the ground in certain places, which is so bizarre when the sun is shining! James & I went for coffee and I wore my favourite summer playsuit I bought last year off ebay. It's such a staple, and was so nice that I was able to wear it out even though it's not summer yet.

Topshop floral playsuit, ebay - £30
Khaki cardigan, chrity shop - £4.50
Gold cuffs, H&M - £1 each (sale)
Faux Jeffrey Campbell litas, c/o soyoushoes
Calcite tassel necklace, c/o tentative decisions

Having twitter (follow me here!) means you get to know bloggers so much better, and also come across new and exciting online stores. I came across Tentative Decisions, and instantly fell in love. Kay kindly sent me two beautiful pieces, which I haven't been able to stop wearing ever since!

I've been lazing around so much recently, I really need to get back into a proper routine. I'll be updating the shop soon as I can get more stock, the snow has been making it so difficult to do anything, but now that its cleared up I'll be getting everything back to normal :-)

OH and thankyou guys for the lovely comments on the last post! It's always muchos appreciated!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Jersey maxi dress, missguided - gift
Gold collar necklace, primark - £1 (sale)
Gold platforms, ebay - £15

Just a snippet of what I've done on valentines. Decided to wear this gorgeousss dress by missguided that I recieved from my sister for my birthday! With my standard gold platforms which I wear to any form of 'classy' event (i.e. prom) and my new gold collar necklace from primark.
I also straightened my hair for the first time in ages and forgot how long it's getting! I leave it naturally so much now that it's in much better condition and it's nice that straight hair is a rarity and just to switch it up now and again!

Chinese food, Lots of goodies to eat with films, My flowers and chocolates & pretty valentines card :-)

Hope you've all had a wonderful valentines!<3

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Get cape. Wear cape. Fly

Just a quick one today - snow is still visible but isn't as bad as it was! Lots of really lovely comments on the last post, thanks guysss! The shoes are so beautiful and were actually okay in the snow as they have a fair amount of grip :-)

Zara camel cape, gift
Topshop jamie jeans, ebay - £20
H&M leopard clutch, c/o look show goodybag
Deer ring, primark - £1.50
Killer wedges, gift
Black knit jumpet, H&M - £8

Got this cape for christmas off my boyfriend and I love it! It has a little bow on the back but I didn't take any pictures :( sowee! but its super cute!

Got some lovely things in the post recently to show you all but for now, just thought I'd do a quick one :-)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hit the lights.

Snow snow snow. It's all everybdys been talking about & I'm not any different! It's melted now, but I was stranded at my boyfriends house for about 3 days because it was that bad.. and to top it off my boiler has broken! Suffice to say I'm abit cold recently!

Chunky knit red scarf, Primark - £3 (sale)
Aztec print cardigan, ebay - £20
Topshop black jamie skinny jeans, ebay - £20
Faux tan Jeffrey Campbell Litas - c/o Soyoushoes
Zara lookalike tan leather shopper, ebay - £18.50
Faux red ysl arty ring, gift
Turquoise gold ring, primark - £2.50

I was oh so kindly given these beautiful shoes from soyoushoes & they are incredible! They are really comfy & look so much like Jeffrey Campbell Litas! I really want them in the florally paisley pattern and leopard, so so nice! They're only £40 and they have like a proper wooden like heel - unlike the copies on ebay which are plastic and break off easily (which happened to me previously!)

Haven't really done much except pop into meadowhall and return a few things and buy some nice skinny jeans from h&m, so not much to update!
Hope you're all surviving the snow if you got any!

title: hit the lights - selena gomez