Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Faux Arty Ring Giveaway : The 2 year mark!

So much has happened since blogging, and I hit the two year mark around the beginning of August. Unfortunately I felt I'd neglected lots of lovely outfit posts and wanted to make the most of the sun so I decided to do the giveaway a month later!

I was lucky enough to go to London for the Look show blogging competition, I've made so many amazing friends and I get to speak to people who enjoy fashion just as much as myself. Blogging for me really isn't about freebies or the materialistic side of fashion, it's the whole 'community' part of it. I was going to go on, but all I want to say is thankyou very much for reading, it means the world. I genuinely appreciate people who take an interest in what I have to write and what I wear - of course the perks are great, but the reason I'm thankful isn't because I've 'gained lots of followers' or whatever. It's because I've made such wonderful and genuine online blogger friends. Sounds a little sad saying it, but honestly speaking to you guys via twitter and seeing your feedback makes my day. So genuinely, thankyou so much. You make blogging really worthwhile.

To mark this momentus occasion, I'm giving away this badboy right here..

Here are the rules for entering and it will be a month long contest! After I've chosen the winner I'll need your ring size etc :)

The rules, (as always!) -
1. One post per person.
2. It is International
3. You have to be a follower >> To do that, CLICK HERE
4. If you Tweet or post this on your blog (in the sidebar is absolutely fine!) then you get an extra entry.
5. Say 'Enter me' on this post and then let me know if you retweet with a link to your twitter or blog so I can count you as an extra entry.

I've got SO MUCH STUFF on ebay now, it's unreal. They're ending super soon, so take a peek HERE!!
Love you guys so much, thankyou for making another year amazing! Follow me on twitter & tumblr aswell, I am much more talkative there! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My heart skips a beat.

I wore this out for a meal with my little sister recently, was going to take pictures of food again but felt like this blog was just making everyone hungry haha so I decided against it!

Vintage black bustier top, ebay - £18

Vintage floral skirt, charity shop - £4

Wedges, christmas present

Clutch, charity shop - £2.50

Faux arty ring, ebay - £12

Belt, primark - £2

'Follow the leader' swallow necklace, c/o Eclectic Eccentricity

I absolutely love this skirt. It was a maxi that I took up and from a charity shop in London ageeees ago when I went to visit my gorgeous friend Hannah. It was too small for me and so have only started wearing it since I've slimmed down. I also wear it with my gorgeous camel jumper when it's colder which is perfect for the upcoming A/W! The clutch was a charity shop find by my excellent mother, and it seems to go with everythihng in my wardrobe = amazing!

Also got sent a gorgeous necklace courtesy of Eclectic Eccentricity. I got sent items a while back and I remember when they were quite a small company. Abit ago I saw one of their necklaces appear on the this morning fashion segement (yes I know omg I need to get a life and get out the house) and just thought how great it is that they have grown so much in such a small amount of time! But I've been sent a few of their new A/W samples and this one was one of my favourites.

Got a few ebay items going up soon, so please follow me on twitter so you will be the first to know when! In a ridiculously happy mood today and got so many nice things to show you, but honestly having the biggest clearout ever cause I need the money so please visit my ebay would be muchos appreciated! :)

Hope you all have an excellent weekend, I've got two weeks off work so I wanna read all your lovely blogs/tumblrs/add you on twitter so just bug me and I'll be more responsive than usual haha.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

TUTORIAL: How to make a Rainbow Layer Cake

When my little sisters best friend said she wanted me to bake her a cake, and she'd pay for the ingredients, I knew exactly the cake I wanted to make. And I don't know how, but it turned out PERFECT.

Saw a few pictures of cakes like this knocking about on tumblr and weheartit, and decided I wanted to do it. With not very much planning and alot of patience, I roped my little sister and boyfriend into a 'fun day of baking', which including me dancing and singing to super bass in my kitchen in my pyjamas all morning.

What you will need:

♥ 125g of self raising flour

♥ 125g of sugar (I used brown but you can use caster)

♥ 125g of butter (or margerine, I had no butter and was being lazy!)

♥ 1 tsp of vanilla essence

♥ 1 tsp of baking powder

♥ 2 eggs

♥ at least 2 cake tins of the same size. I had 3, they were like £2.99 from tesco or something.

All of these ingredients need to be avilable x3. This list makes up one bowl of mixture, and this needs to be done 3 times altogether, so you need to have 375g of flour available etc. One bowl will be poured into two cake tins.

1. Throw it all in, not sure which order it's supposed to go in, but do the floury stuff first then eggs etc after. Make sure you sieve the flour and sugar!

2. Mix.

3. Divide into two different bowls.

4. Add food colouring into one then the other. Different ones of course!

5. Mix.

6. Repeat two more times.

7. You should have 6 bowls of colourful mixtures!

8. Grease the cake tins, pour in the mixture & Pop into the oven, middle shelf at 180 degrees for 15 minutes!

I did two lots of three, as three fit on one shelf - make sure they're on the same shelf so they all rise to THE SAME level without faffing about as some will cook different times to others on diff shelves!

Now for the icing ..

I decided on this one with rice krispy bits and hazelnuts in, its the tastiest thing ever! But choose whichever chocolate you would like :) or even non chocolate version!

♥ Icing sugar

♥ Hazelnut syrup (optional)

♥ Chocolate

♥ Butter

♥ Milk

To be honest I just threw it all in and mixed till it looked 'right'. I don't have measurements cause I just build it up to the right consistency! I'm sure there are some recipes online though :)

9. Melt chocolate. I used three bars

10. Add icing sugar, milk and melted butter. Stir and keep adding icing sugar and/or butter till a good consistency.

11. Place the first piece down and add icing.

12. Layer it up and ice inbetween like a burger. (it looks like one aswell to be fair!)

Leave in the fridge.. then..


Enjoy the yummyness of the uber amazing rainbow cake my lovelies! The waitress at Frankie and Bennys was 'oohing' and 'ahhing' at it, and all my sisters friends were taking pictures of it - It's definitely an 'impressor!' Oh and again sorry for so much food on my blog guys haha, I know it makes everyone really hungry!

Hope you've all had a fabby weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Jumpsuit

The Jumpsuit and palazzo pants fashion which has been around this summer was a big no no for me. I'm tiny, and I always thought the flared look was well.. silly. But it has started to grow on me, and my mum rung me telling me she bought me a few goodies. Let me tell you now, my mum is honestly amazing, she is just like me, and if she sees things cheap she thinks I'll like in charity shops etc, she'll get it me. I get all my bargain loving from her, and when she gets my little presents its always a lovely surprise.

She described on the phone she'd bought me 'a halterneck jumpsuit' .. Halterneck and jumpsuit in the same sentence? I did the whole 'ohhhhhhhh thaaaaaanks' kind of voice down the phone. I wasn't expecting to like it.

She picked it up from matalan in the sale .. and I've fallen in love.

Jumpsuit, Matalan - £5, reduced from £20 (!)

Belt, primark - £2

Ring, Primark - £2

Shoes, ebay - £20

Sunglasses, Primark - £2

Straw hat, vintage - Free off my aunt

Nailvarnish - Barry M in 290 'Spring Green'

I wore it out to my little sisters best friends birthday at Frankie & Bennys. Being surrounded by little 13 year old girls, people think I'm a little odd, but I get on with my little sisters friends so well, I'm sortof like their older sister in a way. Shes also like a family friend and so it was lovely. I made her the most AMAZING cake, and will be doing a tutorial on it soon, cause its just great!I decided to opt for sandals rather than heels as I couldn't be bothered to tot around after being all bloated from food!

I took the sunglasses and hat off because it started raining haha and I look stupid! But I like both, with them on and off, so I've got both :) I could have benefitted a belt that actually stayed on my waist too, but I haven't had a chance to buy on! My mum also had to take this up by ALOT. It's a size 8 but jeeeeeez it was SO long on me! I definitely am tiny! I think that because I'm small chested I get away with this style alot easier than I used to, so I definitely am in love with jumpsuits! I also realised how much my mum knows me more than I know myself haha

I was pleasantly surprised, I haven't been to Frankie & Bennys for yeeears! I chose their Red French pizza, because it sounded yummy! And it really was, the dressing was so nice, something I didn't think I'd usually have as I'm so picky. And I couldn't even finish it, it was massive! And after that, a bowl of chips and cake, I'm sat at home feeling very full. I only ever eat out once every 2 months or so, I've been out to eat twice in the same week! I've been spoilt rotten hehe :)

Also would like to say a quick word on the riots, I don't want to get into the politics of it all, of course it's heartbreaking and horrific to see, and I hope that all you bloggers have been keeping safe! There have been some really amazing volunteers and people helping out, and it would be great if you could do your bit. Follow the riot clean up via twitter and operation cup of tea. It's been really difficult for everyone, but really touching to see communities come together and help, but I really do hope everyone is okay, and thoughts with anyone whos family or friends have been injured during this time x

Thanks again lovelies, let me know what you think. Halterneck jumpsuit - yay or nay?! And sorry for two posts full of food haha, It always looks so yummy - can't help sharing!