Sunday, May 29, 2011

Class of 2011

Some of you know and others not so much really, but I am in my last year of sixth form/college and it was my last ever day on friday. Honestly feel so sad just thinking about how much I'm going to miss people, and just being in education in general. Time to start growing up, and I'm so sad to leave the comfort of school behind me, I've had ups and downs but honestly feel like I'm welling up just talking about it haha. *sigh* Still have prom to look forward to (and my prom dress, I've picked it!) so it's not all tears, just yet!

Sorry for lack of posts, It's exam time for me, will sporadically update though I am sure :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thrift Bit: Stone Rings

(L-R) 50p, 50p, £1.50, all carboot.

Sorry I haven't done one of these in ageeees, I've been mega busy (story of my life!) and I have my first exam in 2 weeks, so if you don't see my face around the blogging world for abit you know why!

Whenenever I go a carboot and have something I want in mind, I usually find something similar quite alot of the times. It's not cause I'm lucky really, I think it's when you go out and know what you want you are more likely to find it, which is what has happened with these stone rings. I love the style at the moment and how unique they are, and look really nice with lots of other chunky rings.

What do you think?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Loose lips sink ships.

I've been feeling ill again recently so todays outfit was pretty casual, but I really really liked it, and the jumper is my new favourite thing. Obviously I didn't wear my 'killer wedges' to school, haha! I wore my primark black ballet flats, so I thought I'd wear these shoes for the OOTD, you know, any excuse to whip them out! It's also a pretty thrifted outfit today..

Oversized knit jumper (worn as dress), carboot - 50p
Vintage scarf, carboot - 30p
Topshop polka dot tights, jumble sale - 30p
River island pocket watch necklace - gift

You may have sneaked a look at my finger and though OMG KAVITA YOU HAVE THE YSL ARTY RING?(maybe not that excitedly hahahaha) but no, don't be silly haha. It is just a cheapo knockoff which is quite shit quality and not as good as the real thing, but my god I love it so much haha! I love chunky rings and this one was £12 off ebay, and there are loads knocking about. And you know what? I don't have £100+ to spend on a ring so it will do :) Plus it looks like it from far away haha and came in a pretty little box :):)

I know alot of you are abit funny with knockoffs but to be honest, I have a lookalikey mulberry and a YSL arty now, and if I could afford the genuine article I'd get it but.. I'm a student that spends buys their clothes from carboots haha :) More outfit pictures to come my lovelies :)!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ready to go.


I didn't get my haircut.
Fooled you all, yes?

Aussie sent all the aussie angels wigs that were significantly different to the style we had already and I got two short ones, one super duper short and a bob. I actually loved the bob on me and think it makes me look older and sophisticated..

But did you really think I'd chop ALL MY HAIR off? C'mon guys ;)
But thankyou so much for the positive feedback, I would definitely consider that style when I'm older, but for now I love my long hair haha :) I also fooled all my friends on facebook AND my parents haha in real life, they thought it looked amazing hahahahah. So so much fun ;) Aussie are booking us in for a free cut or dye but I don't really want either? I was thinking maybe a bit brown for summer? I dunno, we shall see, let me know what YOU think I should do with my hair!

Anyway, outfit post..

Dress, carboot - 50p
Vintage knit floral cardigan, ebay - £13
Ring, carboot - 50p
Bag, mums
Nautical brooch, gift
Cameo brooch, carboot - 50p
Urban outfitters Cuckoo clock necklace, ebay - £7

I lovbe this cardigan, I got it last summer and it was such a steal for £13, It's such a unique take on the 'cricket jumper' trend everyone loves, the florals make it great for summer and the comfiness is great just cause summer in England usually means 'the sun is out but it is still cold so bring a coat with you' haha.

I feel bad for fooling you all with my haircut, but I think its great you were all honest, some of you admitted you actually prefer my old hair and some said it looked amazing. Please let me know any ideas you have on my hair, I would love to get it ombre-d, but its wayyyyyy too overdone and I don't think it would suit me anyway. Thoughts are more than welcome. More outfit posts and such on the way and remember to follow me on tumblr and ask me questions etc :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh Glory! - (carboot haul)

Bet you didn't think I'd be showing you one of these for a loooong time ey? Seen as I work at 11am on a sunday, it's rare I get to go to a carboot, but I've been making my family wake up early so I can get back in time which I feel bad about, but this carboot buying and selling via ebay is money I need for my travelling next year!. Here are a few things I pciked up, I will be showing more in outfit posts rather than just a huge haul post, I dunno which you guys would prefer? But I don't like just showing it in one go I wanna space it out. Anyway.. here we go!

Vintage st micheals faux fur coat = £1.. yep, 1 wholeee pound!
I'm keeping this (not selling!) for winter, and to be honest I want it to be winter just so I can wear this badboy. So cheap and so beautiful in real life. nomnomnomnom

Grey knit poncho = £3
I think this will be great for festivals and I wanna keep it but I'm not going to any this year, *sigh* this is on ebay :)

Tapestry bag = £1

Granny cardigan = £2
An old woman was selling this along with looooads of other vintage things, spent like a tenner just on her stall haha (bet she loved me!)

Vintage black annkle boots = £1
I have shoes bang similar to these, only these are a little bigger so I'm selling them :)

Beaded sequin jumper = £1.50
I love this jumper dress so much, I don't wanna sell it waaaaaah its something I think you'd see in vintage boutiques for ridiculous amounts aswell, the detailing is so pretty and I can't actually believe how cheap I got it for!

Tapestry bag = £1

Nautical jumper = £1.50
This jumper and the one above were actually 2 for £3, so £1.50 each basically. Love them both and proper vintage aswell!

Sequin waistcoat = 50p
I think this is the cutest waistcoat in the entire world!

Tapestry bag = 50p

Check crop top = £1.50
It's not actually a crop top it's just cleveless but I prefer it like this. This was from the old woman with a bazzllion vintage clothes :)

Majority of these are on my EBAY now :) So have a peak.
I've also jumped on the bandwagon (late) and gotten TUMBLR!!!!!! So follow me and I'll follow back etc I love it, it's so addicting! It does worry me how many 'thinspo' tumblrs there are knocking about though, and a few of them even reblogged one of my pictures, which freaks me out and makes me feel uncomfrotable to be honest. But I still am enjoying the wonders of tumblr, so if you have one follow and ask questions etc :)

Took outfit pictures yeterday so they should be up soon:)