Friday, December 23, 2011

Keep calm and carry on.

Red turban, ebay - £3.99
Oversizes grandad jumper, charity shop - £6
Topshop leather leggings, gift
Phone case - HERE

With 2012 looming, a new year genuinely means a new start for me.
been super stressed with christmas shopping, and life in general.
But like it says, 'keep calm and carry on'

Hope you all have a wonderful christmas my wonderfful readers & friendlings :)
I'm off to Kent to be with my boyfriends grandparents etc (yes, meeting all his extended families aswell for the first time, eek!) so I may not blog for abit.

Happy holidays everyone!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tears don't mean you're losing.

Dress, Primark - £5
Black thick knit crop jumper, H&M - £7.99
Hat, carboot - £1
Bag, ebay - £20
Zara pointed black suede heels, ebay - £9
'carried away' necklace c/o Eclectic Eccentricity

I find it quite difficult to dress for A/W if I'm honest. I saw this dress in Primark on the 'sale rail' for a fiver. I am such a hoarder of shoes at the moment, I own far too many pairs and these zara ones are one of my favourites! (although not the comfiest!!)

I did the whole 'accent nails' thingy as if you spend over £6 on barry m nail polishes in boots you get this limited edition one thats silver glitter for free - and I really love it! I'm not a huge spender of beauty etc to be honest but it's nice to get new bits and bobs once in a while!

My absolute favourite online jewellery company Eclectic Eccentricity have kindly given me this 'carried away' necklace to giveaway on the blog! As part of their '12 days of christmas', they're running this same contest with different necklaces on other blogs (there is a list of these on this post)

Here are the rules as alwaaays -
1. One post per person.
2. It is International
3. You have to be a follower >> To do that, CLICK HERE
4. If you Tweet or post this on your blog (in the sidebar is absolutely fine!) then you get an extra entry.
5. Say 'Enter me' on this post and then let me know if you retweet with a link to your twitter or blog so I can count you as an extra entry.
6. Contest ends 1st of January 2012


Hope everyone else is as excited for christmas as I am! :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shake it out.

White lace bustier top, ebay - £20
Waffle knit topshop cardigan, ebay - £18
H&M velvet style shorts, ebay - £5
Leather bag, charity shop - £5
Black hand knitted snood, ebay - £6
Polka dot turban, c/o Crown & Glory

Got sent this lovely polka dot turban from crown & glory a little while back, great for channeling the black & white look. It was absolutely pouring it down with rain today and I just wanted to curl up infront of my heater with my laptop and a pot noodle. Looks like a very ebay heavy post, having the app on my phone does not help with my addiction - but it's christmas so I'm allowed to get myself some things now and again, right?

Sorry for the lack of posts recently - but can you believe how close to christmas it is? And It's 3 weeks until my 19th birthday - words can't even describe how unexcited I am. I WANT TO BE 18 FOREVER :(

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Recently I've been a little naughty and bought things I shouldn't..

Red turban, ebay - £4
Aztec print cardigan, ebay - £20
Topshop leather leggings, off sister - free
Clog style wooden heels, ebay - £30
Zara lookalike tan leather shopper, ebay - £18.50
Promise ring - off boyfriend

Turbans are an odd fashion going around. They came about in summer and i just didn't think that I would be able to pull if off. I think they're alot easier in A/W, as 'hats' are needed in the cooler weather, and they suit an A/W wardrobe quite comfortably. I bought a red one and a black one off ebay, and they're exactly the same quality and everything as the ones in topshop etc, only ALOT cheaper! So I recommend getting them there, and they have lots of different colours. I'm thinking of getting a green/blue one next?

The shoes are what I like to think of as a more fashionable 'clog'. Remember when clogs were everywhere the summer of 2010? Well, I just found them a little strange, but I can't help but have a love of all things wooden when it comes to shoes. They're actually ridiculously good quality for something so cheap and are very very comfy. It's like walking on stilts and I did think they looked silly at first but now I adore them. Think they may be my new favourites.

The cardigan is just a nice aztecy tribally one which I actually saw in republic. Except the one in republic was pricier and not as dark as the one I saw on ebay, but I really liked it. I've been wearing it like everyday as it's really snug and honestly it's such good quality for such a cheap item - It's definitely my lucky month!

And finallyyyy the bag, oh how I've wanted the zara leather shopper tote for so loooong. I just had to settle for a lookalikey from ebay and it's slightly smaller, but still again great quality for the price.

I didn't really buy it all at the same time it just sortof came at the same time and took a while as most of its from China. Let me know what you think lovelies, as I'm in abit of a rush. I'm off out with the boyfriends family for a meal so I'm trying to rush this a little - sorry!

Works been high on my agenda and of course christmas shopping is soon to come - going to be upset to spend my hard earnt cash this month as it really is hard earnt! Alot of changes are happening to the blog - and including a name change! It's a big thing and its not all set up yet but I feel like I have changed and this blog has changed so much in 2 years and that it needs to reflect me better than what it is at the moment.

Anyway let me know my lovelies!
Speak soon hopefully!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Turning tables.

(thankyou jazz for taking these pictures sweetie!)

Stripe knit jumper, forever21 - £11.99
Topshop leather leggings, gift
Wedges, gift
Fur russian style hat, charity shop - £3
Promise ring, gift off boyfriend

The jumper is so lovely, it was from my Birmingham trip in forever21 and it is just great for winter as its super comfy. The topshop leather leggings were a gift from my sister - she found them in a size 6 at a house swap party! I've been after some for AGES and couldn't bring myself to pay the £15+ price they're going for on ebay, and she didn't even know I was after a pair! My family know me wayyyyy too well!

(L-R) Vic @ glowstars, Jen @ littlebird, Jazz @ Jazzabelles diary, Me

I popped down to London and attended the Next S/S press day last week. It was nice to go down - I haven't been in a while and although I got quite lost and abit wet from the rain, it was ridiculously lovely catching up with and meeting bloggers! I'm so excited about Spring and summer if I'm honest - A/w fashion isn't my stringest point and next have such lovely clothes!

I'm hoping to record a little haul video or something over the next week or so - I've already tried once and hated my voice/mannerisms/the way I looked that I had to delete! I think I'm just going to practice till I'm happy haha.
Not quite finished sorting the entries for the contest (so sorry!) but I'm working so much recently - it's christmas time so where I work is now open until 10pm :| which means getting home at like 11:30pm on the bus as I do not drive! So I'm going to be quite tired etc but I'm really really going to try! I bought some AMAZING shoes so will need to show you them asap!
p.s. Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 24, 2011


See these platforms? THEY BROKE. I died. The heel just came off. And you know what? I deserve it, cause i always buy cheap stuff off ebay and this is what happens! RIP.

Topshop tartan bralet, ebay - £12
Black jersey maxi skirt, ebay - £10
Double snake bite ring, ebay - £13
Heels, ebay - £20

The bralet corsetty top always gets me compliments and I love it, and the ring is just the most amazing ring I've ever seen in my entire life!

On thursday I attended the 'meadowhall bloggers lunch'. Now, I'm actually from sheffield, so being invited to an event which takes place in Sheffield is bizarre - I was only travelling 45 mins rather than the 2+ hours it takes to London for the majority of events, so it was really lovely. They're doing a big campaign over October for their 'fashion month', and the day was alot of fun. We got to have a look around lots of stores new A/W stuff aswell as speaking to a woman from 'Evans' about body shape. When I enquired someone said 'inverted triangle', whilst another said 'hourglass'. I think I'm abit of both really!

I also got to meet some lovely ladies! I got to finally meet Hannah and Jen, who I've spoken to many times over twitter and regularly read their blogs - so was so strange to finally meet them. And jens first words were 'youre so tiny!'. Guess my photos really do make me look alot taller than I actually am haha. And I also met Claire and Lauren who were absolutely lovely! I love meeting other bloggers, they're always so down to earth and having a good natter about blogging is so refreshing - no one I know is really aware of this kind of stuff so it's nice to have people with the same interests!

We were kindly given a free complimentary meal at a new restaurant 'giraffe', which was lovely! My burrito (picture) was abit much so I couldn't finish it all, but it was such a nice place. Really healthy and definitely had a nice vibrant environment.

Will announce the faux arty ring winner on the next post - taken longer than expected as I've just been working so much recently. Went to Birmingham bullring this weekend with the boyf, and have a little haul so watch out for that. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!