Monday, May 24, 2010

Taking a minute to breathe.

I've been revising pretty much non-stop and I need a little break for the evening, so I thought I'd show you something absolutely beautiful I recieved in the post recently!

Nail polishes, Hello kitty makeup bag, nails inc polish, Gemstone trinket box, Hello kitty clip and lip balm, Accessorize purse, silver bracelets, punks pins apple necklace, Accessorize earrings, Butterfly hairband.

I won a contest off Claires blog and couldn't have hoped for a better prize, look at all the hello kitty stuff! Seriously, I may not go on about it too much on my blog, but I ADORE hello kitty and these things are so adorable!


It was very nice to get this and Claire has SUCH a lovely blog and shes such a lovely person! I love that twitter makes me closer to my blog followers and Claire is one of those people :)
Obviously I can't promise lots of posts because of my exams and revision but I will try and post a few here and there to let you know I'm still alive, and if you want to keep up with everything I do (which for the moment is just constantly complaining about the workload I am under) you can follow me on twitter. Feel free to tweet at me anything you like, I always respond, especially during these times of revision where I could do with some friendly banter ha :')
Until the next post my darlings!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dying in a sea of vintage.

This is a carboot haul.
I know you're excited!

So there are alot of vintagey things I got, take a look :)

I got these basic clothing items on the first stall.
Grey slouch hoodie - £2 / Star Pyjamas - £50p / Skinny fit primark jeans - 50p / Grey primark hareems - 50p
I'm a very 'wears my pyjamas round the house' kinda girl, it's where I'm comfiest. I decided I need proper loungewear, I think my neighbours think I'm sick and never in school 24/7 as I LIVE in my pyjamas haha!

Right, so the brown chequered bag was 50p and is fairly big, and the floral one is also big and was £2. I already sold the floral one, but both very very cheap stuff right there! The brown bag reminds me of a picnic bag, not sure what I'll use it for really. But for 50p I could just never use it again really haha.

Pretty floral earrings for 50p, which a matching ring that my mum currently has at her house haha. The ring is so pretty, I'll try show you it soon.

This is a little set of drawers for my jewellery and bits and pieces. I am so excited for all the little shabby chic bits and pieces I've been collecting! This baby was £1, I really love it.

Lovely little sequin top, was £1! It's really vintagey, shoulderpads included haha. I sold it just cause I needed monies, but it went for a tasty £7!

Ahh these bags are BEAUTIFUL. The first one was 50p from the first carboot we went to, then we headed over to another nearby and the second one I found was £1. I was so happy, just cause I can keep the one on the left, and I ended up selling the other for a nice £13 haha! :) Yumyumyum.

Not particularly attractive mens blazer. It has lovely military buttons like mine, and is a nice black. I'm probably going to take this in then sell it, and it was only 1 whole pound!

So from left to right -
Dark brown lace ups - £1. Look ALOT better on haha. These have been sold.
Orangey brown cloggs - £1. These are very very small, even for me! Again, I sold them!
Black pixie boots - £1. MINE MINE MINE.
Grey primark brogues - 50. Size 6, sold. Lovely and new however!

So heres a closeup of the black pixie boots They remind me of Alexa chung so badddlyyy.

Liek with most shoes, they look better actually on than just by themself.

Hair flower clip/brooch. It has a pin AND slide for hair and just adding onto clothes. I won't wear it in my hair.. I mean seriously big hair flower right there! It was 10p. I really like the idea of adding it to a really boring maxi dress. We shall see :)

Pair of genuine pink converse for £1! I've already bought a new pair off ebay when I found these haha FML. But I've sold these! My size and everything, can't believe I bought converse and then found them at a carboot a million times cheaper!

I also got a rubiks cube which I forgot to photograph for 10p! I'll take one tomorrow when it's sunnier. I am a little rubiks cube lover, I can solve it in 2 minutes, but I'm trying to get it down to 1 min 30s. ha!

Hope you enjoyed this vintagey haul. I didn't go to the carboot last week and I won't be going tomorrow, I'm revising as my first exam is next week. Wish me luck, I will need it! Any revision tips would be lovely, and moral support in general haha. Don't be surprised if I don't post much, but I have a good reason! Have a lovely weekend my beauties, and if you have exams BEST OF LUCK! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do you use cheap shampoos?

I do, quite often actually. My favourite has to be the sainsburys own brand coconut shampoo and conditioner. Actually, tescos one ain't half bad either to be honest!
The reason I love it is that it is coconut, which is great for dry/damaged hair (which I have as I use heat on my hair quite regularly)

I don't mind having own brand stuff that costs about 97p a bottle, it doesn't bother me too much. But it does look quite cheap just sat there in my bathroom, and the bottles are dull. If you're like me, you'll like nice packaging for hair stuff (bedhead being my favourite!)

Do you ever buy the more expensive ones cause the bottle is nicer and it LOOKS better, even though you KNOW the cheap stuff does that same job?
- I have done. It's sad I know haha.

So here is my solution! You will need:
♥ Cheapo shampoo and conditioners
♥ Expensive looking bottles from a good brand

My sister was going to throw out these toni and guy bottles as they'd been used up. But I really like the pump, and it's the perfect size for travelling! And is alot more attractive than cheapo stuff.

So all you do is pour the shampoo in the shampoo bottle and the conditioner in the conditioner bottle.. obviously :)

And voila. Perfect bottles full of cheap stuff.. and no one ever has to know!

Sorry for the little post and the fact it's random. But I have a carboot haul and didn't want two haul posts in a row, I wanted to mix it up abit :)
Carboot haul sometime this week, promise!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Primark Haul

Okay, so if you are like me, primark is just okay.
See the thing is, I'm definately NOT a clothes snob at all, I think primark actually has amazing things at times and it is great for a quick fix.
But at the same time, I hate that everyone wears primark, thats why vintage is so appealing to me. It's unique.

Well my lovely father gave me £15 to get a few basics for summer, e.g. tops, shorts, leggings really. £15 isn't alot so I tried to stretch it haha and decided to go on a shopping trip with my little sister and her friend. It was actually brilliantly fun! We spent a whole hour in there (as you do!) And I feel like I bought LOADS when I actually didn't haha. Heres my primark haul!

I saw rave reviews about this foundation brush around the blogosphere, so when I saw it in primark, I though 'hey, it's £1.50, why not?!'.. And It's actually pretty good, with a smaller foundation brush on the other end. The Kabuki was £1.50 and feels SO nice. They are both amazing for £1.50. Definately check them out if you have a Primark near you!


Floral jeans. Whatever you think about 'em, these ones are pretty gorgeous! I fell in love with them when I saw them, and the print is so feminine and light. They were quite expensive, but I feel like they will be worn quite abit during summer. Love love love them! These were £13

Pretty little lilac floral dress. I think it's so ME, and It was only £7.50! But It just doesn't look right on, and I saw something else I want. It's getting returned for something else, but it is a little gem!

Basically stirrup leggings. I've wanted some for a while, they're sorta gym wear esque and look great with sandals for the summer! They were £4, and they are very thick. They are abit big for me though, having size 3 feet and all haha.

Baby pink sunglasses and florally ones. £1 each. Absolutely love 'em. Primark have the betest cheap sunglasses everrr!

So I saw these in Primark, just one of them in a size 7. I fell in love. Unfortunately there were no others around (Primark isn't the tidiest of shops!) so I just stopped looking. Then I spotted a pair, but they were a size 8. Dammnit! THEN I found a my size! I was so happy! They were reduced to £10 from £19.99 and couldn't be happier. Or could I?...
I went to the checkout and they came up to be £6!
I know right, I'm so lucky! They are perfect. A little difficult to walk in I'll admit but my gosh. Statement heels at their best. Just need to go somewhere to where them now :)

I also bought a vest top nd shorts, very basic stuff so not really worth taking a picture.
Hope you liked this little haul darlings :) I'm going to try and comment everyone back over the next 3 days!