Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Contest : Eclectic Eccentricity

First of all, I AM SO SORRY! I have been back at sixth form and yes, I'm sorry for the excuses but It's less than a month till my exams! I don't want to be all moany, but I have a big workload at the moment and I am constantly tired afterschool and it takes alot of my time to do blog posts, because I try and make them as good as they can be, and not quick 5 minute ones. I am really sorry though as I have some super amazing followers and I don't wanna let you guys down!

But I decided my April contest would be awesome. Because SO many people entered my last one and I felt bad that I only offered one prize.. and Also..I AM 12 FOLLOWERS AWAY FROM 400. Ah! I can't explain how happy this makes me, I love each and every one of you, and even people who don't follow or comment, but just silently read, It's lovely to know theres people out there that take an interest in your fashion and life!

Anyway onto the good stuff!
Remember this necklaceand earrings?



Basically - I felt bad for having two amazing necklaces, especially as my readers are the only reason I even write this blog. I haven't had a chance to wear this rose necklace at all, or the earrings (don't worry, I'm not giving away old stuff haha) So I'm giving them to you. The rules are slightly different this time!

The rules are as follows -
1. One post per person.
2. You have to go to THIS PAGE and tell me on this post what your favourite piece of jewellery is!
3. It is International
5. If you Tweet or post this on your blog (in the sidebar is absolutely fine!) then you get an extra entry.
6. Tell me your favourite jewellery from the site on this post and then let me know if you retweet with a link to your twitter or blog so I can count you as an extra entry :)



Good luck! And so sorry for not commenting back and other stuff, like I said, don't want to make silly excuses but I will try and update as soon as possible. Sorry about that guys :)
Please please enter and GOOD LUCK :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vintage Carboot Haul

So this carboot wasn't really big, because they have only just started back up. I have just started gettign rid of my clothes, so I had one golden rule ..
NO CLOTHES.. unless they were amazing, like proper amazing. Not 50p 'oh that looks alright' then you never wear it kinda clothing (which has happened on many occassions!)

So I bought a few vintagey items for my room, because I'm trying to get it sorted for a total shabby chic revamp. Number 1 tip for everyone reading this ..carboots are amazing for vintage trinkets, don't go to 'vintage stores'. They overprice and the stuff is usually abit pants.

Here are the decorative items I got ..

From left to right -
A pot frame with flowers on - 50p
heart shaped jewellery box with flowers on - 25p
White dolphin holder..thing - 50p
Orange tin - 50p
floral plate - 20p

I love that these items are very 'mis-match', rooms that have very miscelanneous items and dont have a particular floral theme look alot better than those with a proper theme to them. Obviously these things are very random, but would just look nice on my desk or shelves. And they were uber cheap :)

I really love this little cameo brooch, and it was 50p!
It looks big.. but it's because my hand is ridiculously small. It's quite a small brooch and I'm not sure what to do with it. But it's yummy :)


This is by far my favourite buy. It is a little charm bracelet with charms of - a watering can, shovel, sunflower, sun hat and basket on it. It's is so so cute, and amazingly perfect for the summer! This was £1 :)

You can never have too many sunglasses really. These were 50p each, and thought 'hey why not'

I'm not sure if this works and to be honest I don't mind as ot was £2. I had a polaroid abit back but I had it cause it was a gift for my friend Ruth for christmas and cost me way more than £2 off ebay ha! So I snapped this one up and hopefully if I can afford film for it one day I'll use it on special occassions! (if it works.. but hey!)

I loved these when I saw them! They are so Alexa Chung and just yummy! They were £1 too which is a BARGAIN. Unfortunately, they don't fit *sobs* so I am having to sell them. But they are pretty gorgeous right?!

OH and before I forget..

The winner of the contest is
It took me forever to use a generator and sort out peoples double entries etc but I did it, and it's weird it picked such a round number of 100. But thats what it did!
Congratulations darling!
DONT WORRY - Theres a new contest in about 4-5 days. So stay tuned! Thanks for entering though guys :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Layer necklaces - Part 1

Hello! How are you all?
I am good thanks for asking (which I'm sure you did!)
So today, the giveaway ends (few posts down) at 7:30pm. Why not midnight? Well I have school tomorrow :'( So me and my little sister will be taking in all the names and putting them into a hat and picking one out. Don't worry I'll have pictures to prove it's legit etc. But then I will announce the winner on my next post (which is a CARBOOT HAUL BTW.. yeah I know you're excited!) but I will definately CONTACT the winner tonight.

ANYWAY. Layer necklaces are my favourite love at the moment!
They can be defined in my experience as cluster, layered and multi-strand necklaces (for ebay searching sake, in case you want one!)
However, wearing them can be difficult, it has to be a pretty simple outfit to go with it, otherwise there is just TOO much going on! Here is how I teamed my favourite one from PRIMARK which was £6! I love it, and it's very light because the beads are plastic. Doesn't it remind you of the necklace from this video?

Primark Necklace - £6 / Topshop playsuit, Carboot - £4 (It's amazing quality!) & Primark Boots - £17 :)
I also have a silver one that is very different, I can't find it at the moment therefore I will do one with that only called 'Layer necklace - part 2'
.. you see what I'm trying to do haha!
The playsuit is very very lovely, but also is great for making curves on people. I already have curves.. so it kinda makes me look abit TOO curvy. I do love it though. Even if it does make my bum look all weird.
And no it wasn't a particularly sunny day.. It was freezing. Things I do for you guys eyy? And I'm aware I look tanned on these pictures.. I WISH it was cause I had been on holiday! ..but infact it's just cause I'm using a different camera which is abit poop really.

This was one of the first OOTD in a looong time. You like?
Obviously look out for the winners announcement and a CARBBOT HAAAAUL! It's only a tiny one but still.. I know everyone loves abit of 50p clothing hauls. Actually it's mainly little bits and pieces for my room but WHATEVER, the carboot hauls are bacccck!
Sixth form tomorrow for me..
agh help meeeeee!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hiding in the bottom of my stairs..

I told you I'd try and post more regularly in my second week off sixth form, and look at me! 3 posts in 3 days? CRAZY!
Anyway, I've been quite ill, so have been stuck at home tidying my room. I've always always been a messy person and the bottom of my stairs was the biggest mess I think I've ever seen. I am in the attic in my house, and you know when you just can't be arsed to take something up the stairs? That's where I'd leave most things haha.

WELL, I cleaned it out, and found some things I had actually forgotten I owned! And I was pleasantly surprised.

The first thing is just one of those things I picked up at a carboot when I was like 13. It cost me 50p? I love it so much and I am glad I found it, it's just very cute to sit on your desk or whatever and the heart is boing-y (is that a word?) so it's fun to play with whilst you're waiting for your computer to start or whatever.


Another carboot find, how stupid am I to leave such fragile things in such a mess?! Well, they were in a bag. Anyway, they cost me around 15p each or something and are the most precious wall hangings I've ever seen! They were made in Italy, and are quite old, but they have this lovely vintage feel to it!

This bag screams Alexa Chung to me! I can't remember where its from, I have a sneaking suspicion it's actually my mothers though. It's by Jane Shilton, who makes lovely little vintage bags and it goes very well with this new Grandad blazer I got recently (I will show you soon, with this bag in an outfit no doubt!)

When I found this I was like what is this? I couldn't for the life of me remember it. I think I got it when I was like 14, and when I opened it up I got the surprise of my life!


Say hello to the jewellery collection of a 14 year old Kavita ha! Well, a few pieces I owned and to be honest, hardly wore!
The earrings are very cute but I never even wore them!
The crown pendant was on a chain and it was my STAPLE necklace for many many many years!
The locket with key necklace used to have a picture of me and my first boyfriend in it haha! It doesn't anymore, but I remember the picture and everything :')
The apple clock necklace is amazing. I can't even remember buying it and it still WORKS. After all these years?! I would wear that NOW, let alone when I was 14 haaaa.
The huge heart pendant made my day. It is a heavy heart that has 'Kavita, love always, mummy' written on it. My mum got it me when I was 13 and I am so so glad I found it!


This bag I *think* was mentioned slightly in one of my earlier posts (you know those embarrassing ones you have from ages ago on your blog? ha) and it was 50p from some crap jumble sale ages ago. It is very lovely, it makes me feel like some worker lady when I use it and it's big enough for books etc. I just forgot I even owned this, so I'm very happy I found it!

I urge every one of you to clear out your stuff. I was very pleased with what I found and forgot I owned!
Thanks for commenting guys and entering the contest .. which you can STILL do here!!!! :)
Hope you all have a nice evening :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ebay is crazy addictive..

How much of a good blogger am I? Only yesterday did I post and theres a new post THE NEXT DAY?! I am very proud of myself. Ha!
Thanks so much for all the comments on the contest (over 100!) Don't be afraid to enter as there are loads of entries, as It will be picked at random via names out of a hat!

Okay so I have been naughty and bought some items on ebay again. Agh! You may think I have lots of money.. I can tell you as a student.. I really don't. And to top that off I currently am JOBLESS.

Anyway, onto some lovely clothes :)..

This is like a size 18, and is very oversized. Like with the floral one I got on my other ebay haul post, it is perfect for high waist shorts. It's very pretty and cheap :)
£2.20 off ebay

This is Primark, but bought off ebay, which I do quite alot for some silly reason ha! Well I loved the collar on this and the bib detail, it's just simple and cute. It's a dress that would look pretty in the summer with some sandals I think.
£1.50 off ebay

Ah I love this so much. It's a topshop lace body in cream and is SO girly and feminine. Would look perfect with skirts for summer AND it was totally cheap for topshop!
£6.50 off ebay

My FAVOURITE and most expensive item here. I got lucky with this, the lovely buyer let me get a buy it now and if I hadn't, it would have gone fro WAY more. It's so cute, to wear with shorts/jeans/ anything! It's also very me I reckon haha.
£11.00 off ebay

That it my loves! There are a few more things I've ordered, but these all came in the post at the same time, it was like christmas all over again!
Keep entering the contest which can be found HERE
Have a lovely evening! OH and I'm almost at 350 followers, how crazy is that? AHH!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell eat your heart out.

I fell in LOVE with these shoes when I first laid eyes on them..

Don't jump to comclusions, I do NOT own these babies. They are the Belgium wedge shoes by Jeffrey Campbell, and retail at a painful $144 (or £93, NOT including p&p from AMERICA) I told myself I was going to save up for them, could you imagine an outfit with these shoes? It would MAKE the outfit, and I have lusted after a pair of shoes with a nice wedge for a while now.

Well, Whilst browsing ASOS, I came across some beautiful shoes in grey, that were almost EXACTLY like the Jeffrey Campbell ones. I was praying they had them in black.. and THEY DID! But I almost cried when I saw they'd run out of size 3 and 4, which are my sizes. I couldn't believe it :(
Well, still lusting over them, I went on them the next day.. and miraculously had a size 4 IN STOCK! I totally bought them! And then I checked afterwards and they had run out of 4's. It had been my lucky day, I'd bought the last 4! I ordered them on saturday, and them arrived today. Super awesome delivery!
They have 4's back in stock now, they have them all except 3 and 8's, check them out here


They are the Randal wedge by asos in black, and cost a staggering £40. I know, I know, £40 IS alot. But compared to the Jeffrey Campbell ones, I got an AMAZING deal. And they look great on.


Sorry for the bad quality, I'm borrowing my little sisters camera as mine ran outta battery, but I couldn't wait to show you guys!

What do you think? I really recommend them, and the grey ones are also really pretty. I got black just cause they will go with EVERYTHING, and have a rocky edge on any outfit!
I actually prefer the asos ones and I am literally the luckiest and happiest person alive right now. ALSO, I have an extra week off sixth form (woo) so I'm gonna try and do as many posts as I can! And get a few OOTD, as I haven't done one in AGES!

AND please enter my contest in the post below if you haven't already! I'm so excited that so many people have entered! And good luck, of course :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

The big contest.

This was originally going to be a contest to see who could come up with the best name change for this blog. I was getting kinda sick of it, but I've realised that everyone knows this blog as iheartvintagex and I'm gonna keep it that way :)
So it is going to be the February/March contest combined as it is a big prize (compared to my usual contests), and I will have a seperate one for the end of April. It can also celebrate me hitting 300 followers, which I am still so so happy about!
Here is the prize, which I think is pretty splendid.

♥ Primark quilted makeup bag with pink inside and mirror (I love it so much!)
♥ Sailor ship necklace with a clock on, which infact works!
♥ Primark sunglasses in a lovely mint colour
♥ Primark 2 tier pearl necklace, it was meant to be 3 but I accidentally broke it LOL Sorry about that guys! It is still fab!
♥ Dorothy Perkins gold earrings
♥ Mini Soap and Glory 'Clean on me' Showergel

The rules are as follows -
1. One post per person.
3. It is International
5. If you Tweet or post this on your blog (in the sidebar is absolutely fine!) then you get an extra entry.
6. Say 'Enter me' on this post and then let me know if you retweet with a link to your twitter or blog so I can count you as an extra entry :)

I am aware there is still a price tag on some of these, but I don't care. It was my own moolah I spent!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Review: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

My first thoughts on hearing about this book were 'what the hell'. I have actually read/seen Pride and Prejudice and I do very much enjoy it, so I thought adding zombies in was abit laame :| But I decided not to judge a book by it's cover (even though the cover is pretty awesome, lets be honest!)
If you have read the classic Pride and Prejudice and enjoyed it, don't fear, the outline of the story is still in there, just with zombies and warrior women. It is very funny in my opinion, but I also think that it really depends on your taste in books, and I can imagine alot of people disliking it.

Author(s): Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith
Published: 2009
By: Quirk Classics
Pages: 319
New York Times Bestseller
First in it's series, has prequels.

'Your balls Mr. Darcy?', 'They belong to you, Miss Bennett.'

'No ninjas! How was that possible? Five daughters brought up at home without any ninjas! I never heard of such a thing. Your mother must have been quite a slave to your safety.'

Best bits:
♥ The artwork is amazing inside >>>
♥ The women in this book are alot more empowered, but it may be down to the fact they are crazy warriors, but they still have a better sense of independence.

Worst bits:
♥ Theres 1 chapter which I'm annoyed about, but I won't spoil it for you! But I think from reading other reviews, it annoyed other people aswell.
♥ It may be abit *too* gimmicky at times, but I think it's because I've read the classic and I was constantly comparing them. If you read this without reading the classic, I doubt this would be as much of a problem :)

Compared with the movie:
So there is no movie out, but apparently there will be in 2011? I think the movie will be enjoyable, but I'm scared they may make it abit *too* comical and gimmicky, which although the book does have lots of, it still does keep to the storylines frame. I wouldn't have Kiera Knightley reprise her role either, shes just not funny. Period.

Prequels: Well, I'm abit confused, but there is a prequel called Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (based off sense and sensibility..obviously), which does look quite interesting. There is also one after that, but by a different author called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls, which is set 4 years before the first novel. Will I be reading these? I doubt it. As much as I did thoroughly enjoy this novel, I'm not exactly a fan of Sense and Sensibility as a classic as it is, and reading one set 4 years prior to this novel will just outright confuse me!

Overall rating?

So how did you like my first ever book review post? I know not all of you like books, so just ignore this post if so, but for you other book worms, which book have YOU been loving recently? Have you read this book? Do you want me to review any others in particular?
I'm hoping reviews will be a regular occurance, depending on books I have read recently etc. Not sure what I will read next! Hope you all had a FANTASTIC easter :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

March 2010: Celebrities Style, Makeup and Beauty.

If you don't know what this is already, I mention who my favourite style makeup and beauty icons have been this past month gone (so march, obviously). Here we go :) -

Now I didn't think she would stand out, but when you google for a while, you realise that some celebrities actually have really lovely outfits! Hers is definately cute and casual, with pretty dresses, cardigans and even brogues (with the last outfit on the right). Whetever you think about disney princesses and girls like Taylor Swift, she still has an adorable wardrobe that I really like, and hey, her music is catchy! Sue me!

One reason I picked this celebrity and this picture - The purple lipstick.
I am totally in love, and I really want to get my hand on the 'D'lilac' one by Lime Crime, this amazing company online that I found. Seriously amazing, and the packaging is adorable!
♥ When having bright lips, make sure to keep it easy on the eyes. I have MACS mulch, and it's perfect for the crease of the lids.
♥ Liquid liner is used on the top quite thick here, which is always great for framing the eyes
♥ A cute pink blush is so perfect to match the cute lipstick! I just chose a liquid (well, mousse) one as they make the blush look more natural :)
♥ These type of wands are better for making lashes look more seperated, as the look here is less about thick lashes, and more about the 'dolly' look. I chose lash extension as I have it and love it!

These are shots from her cover shoot for 'wonderland' magazine. To be honest, I ALWAYS saw her as being very plain looking, and hated her cause she is with Shia Laboeuf and he is just..yum. But I actually have grown to love her and I'm probably just biased in thinking shes pretty because of her personality ahah. But she does look uh-mazing on these pictures. :)

Sorry, I've been a bad blogger (yet again) but I'm just so tired lately, I'm so glad I've got two weeks off for easter. I didn't even know easter sunday was TOMORROW! That's how zonked out I've been feeling haha! Please forgive me, I'm having a HUGE contest that has combined feb/march and also the fact I hit 300 followers. I swear it will be up, I just keep putting it off cause I keep adding items to the stash I've collected so far, It's gonna be a biggie!
Anyway, who have you been loving in March? And how effing fast did this month go? Love you all soooo mucccch :D