Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My trip to london & Jasper Garvida.

Hello my lovelies! So you all very mcuh know I went to London for a fashion event thingy on monday, but beforehand I had a little shopping trip with Hannah @London--rose.
Here are a few of MY highlights :
♥ Getting stopped not once, not twice.. oh yes, 3 TIMES by people trying to sell us some stupid free beauty day blah blah. Was an inconvienience to say the least!
♥ Hannah getting SO much attention because of her suspenders! It was crazy, she is the bravest fashion blogger I know!
♥ Almost getting run over right at the beginning of the day, the car was so close to us!
♥ Hannah thinking she had lost ALL her cards and train tickets, then finding it in starbucks.
♥ Only for me to leave starbucks and realise I'd left my topshop bag IN starbucks haha. I found it thank god!
♥ My umbrella contastntly going crazy in the wind whilst walking down Oxford street, and being freezing.
And of course the whole event. It was all just lovely!
I bought a couple of things, just cause we spent ages in topshop and lost track of time! I'll blog about them ina future post :D

Anyway, here are a few pictures.

A pretty topshop display, I bought the floral tights on the right!


Look how pretty the food looks!


Pictures of Jasper talking and the bloggers watching (I look so bored on these pictures haha, I really wasn't at all!)

Here are a few interesting things about the lovely guy:
♥ He believes the staple item in any womans wardrobe is good lingerie, or LBD.
♥ He moved from Canada to the UK, stating that it was the best and most exciting decision of his life!
♥ His Au/Wi collection was inspired by the art deco movement
♥ His favourite piece from project catwalk that he made was the breast cancer dress, this was something that made him listen to the brief, rather than be a 'showman'
♥ The celebrity that excited him to see wearing his clothes the most was Liz Hurley
Please visit Hannahs blog, as she has more notes on what he said etc :)
Here are a few of the AMAZING things he made on project catwalk

More snapshots:


A good shot of mine and Hannahs outfits!


Me, Sherin, Harriet, Claire and Fiona :)

Just want to thank all the PR people, it was such a lovely event, and I am being totally honest in saying Jasper is one of the loveliest people I've ever met! I actually LOVE Project Catwalk, which was the show he won, so I was particularly excited to meet him. His clothes have this amazing structure to them, and the embelishment dresses for me were the nicest :)
And thanks to Hannah who took me round Oxford street before the event aha, was such a lovely day, And to all the bloggers I met -
Sherin, Harriet, Claire, Fiona and Reena. :)

Hope you all have a lovely week folks, it's the easter holidays for me starting friday. I'll hopefully have more posts but of course I have my lovely revision to get on with haha :) But thanks for being so patient with me! Oh and..
I HIT 300 FOLLOWERS..Un freaking believable.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ebay is addictive..

FIRST THINGS FIRST - If you have linked me on your blog, can you let me know so I can link you back? :) People link me and don't let me know so I just don't realise! I really want to link you guys back, so if you have, PLEASE just leave a comment and I'll get round to it. Thanks guys :) x
Now onto the post..
I have been buying so many clothes and things etc. One I started making money from my old clothes, I couldn't resist splurging! Heres a few things I bought..


Very casual check shirt for summer, would look awesome teamed with brogues and high waist shorts.It's also long enough to just wear with leggings and is very versatile and boyish. Best part is they were £2.20 off ebay


I saw Sam from dailyfashionboost with this dress and fell in love, and after months of looking for one on ebay, I FINALLY found one, which was expensive, but I couldn't resist the floral print, it's quite sheer so i'd have to wear a slip underneath. But it's genuinely love <3 £30.00 off ebay


Again, this is one of those thing's perfect for summer! Perfect with brogues and high waist shorts, it's a size 18 and very baggy. The floral print is just really lovely and it's very light as it's a blouse. Very granny chic! £1.04 off ebay


I fell in love with this bag, it's big enough for my schoolwork AND it's a satchel! I'm not a fan of handbags and this was brand new and totally cheap at 99p off ebay!!!!


Another one I saw on sams blog (totally in love with her FYI) and also Hanah my gorgeous friend from london rose has this so I knew i wanted it for quite a while. And now I finally had the money! Again it was expensive, the weird thing for me was that the person selling it was from my city HA how weird is that? £30.00 off ebay

Some cheapo aviators and a flower clip (I realise now it looks like the flower is part of the plant haha it's not!), two things that would look AWESOME for the summer! I have a feeling this is going to be my staple look. Curly hair with a flower in and sunglasses = sorted! £1.75 and £2.50 off ebay

Theres a few other things I've ordered that haven't come yet, but I will keep you updated. Besides the dresses, everything was very cheap. I'm being very weird at the moment, I'm spending alot on certain things and very little on others. Strange. I am 5 away from 300 followers and am a very very happy girl right now. And as you all know (cause I mention it every freaking post) I am off to london monday and I think I'm going to wear the lace dress with my cuckoo clock necklace amongst various other bits and bobs. Thoughts?
Love you all, beautiful peopleeee!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If I was Lady GaGa..

I would wear these clothes.

They aren't as 'out there', but my god are they unique! I am totally in love with these pieces, and I am seeing Lady GaGa live in June and think wearing something like these items of clothing would be appropriate. I mean seriously look at them!

They are quite pricey, but I understand completely why. They are handmade with obvious time and care and they are just SO stunning! My favourites have to be the monster and piano dress by far. Could you imagine wearing that to GaGa's concert? Immence.

The seller is someone on etsy by the name of 'devaniweaver' and sell lots of beautiful clothing, including a pretty unicorn dress top which is super cute!

I love stumbling across lovely little etsy sellers like this, that put their heart into their clothes. These clothes genuinely inspired me! I really hope I can afford a piece one day soon, how perfect would my wardrobe be with one of these in?

Sorry for the lack of replying to comments/posting/twittering/general being aroundness. I have started revising for my exams and have been focusing on my school work. But I haven't forgotten all my lovely online followers and friends and will reply to comments ASAP. Thanks so much for your patience. I've got London on monday with Hannah and Sammy from london rose and living in sin, I am TOTALLY EXCITED.
Oh and I am 8 away from 300 followers. Un-freaking-believable.
Love you all so much :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What a nice surprise.

I've been feeling quite good recently. I'm excited about going to London, I feel like my work ethic is alot better and have been revising my bum off, and I have sold lots of stuff I don't wear anymore and got a whopping £112!
So I as I went downstairs today and saw a package that was priority mail, I was super excited as I knew exactly what it was!

The lovely people over at Eclectic Eccentricity told me they wanted to send me some goodies as a thankyou for the post on them on my blog, and I was so happy and just presumed it would be some lovely earring or something small like that.


I was crazy happy when I opened the first one. It was a BEAUTIFUL pink rose necklace, with little rosebud earrings to match. I am very girly and pastel pinks are one of my favourites. I couldn't believe they sent me something so nice. OH and I didn't take a picture of me with the earrings as I just completely forgot.

But then I realised that there was ANOTHER box inside. And yes, when I opened this, I let out a little scream.


AHHH! Remember how I said I would marry the person that would buy me this necklace cause I love it so much? Well, I won't marry them, but the people down at EE absolutely MADE MY DAY. It is such a beautiful necklace, and I'm probably going to wear it to London and most days to be honest!

When I posted about them before, I couldn't say whether they were genuinely good quality or whatever because I didn't own anything from them. But I can honestly say you can tell that these people put effort into their jewellery. From the cute boxes that say eclectic eccentricty, down to the actual items themselves.
I also want to point out the gorgeous dress I'm wearing is my absolute favourite at the moment, however it is very sheer. I don't know whether to just wear nude knickers and bra or a underdress? Ah well, not sure yet but I LOVE it. I'm wearing some pretty colours on my eyes too (from the alice palette, Drink me eat me, Muchness and Mad hatter) but I didn't really go too close up.

Just want to say the feedback on my last post was incredible, and I am glad that alot of peopel feel strongly about the subject! :) Have a lovely weekend my darlings!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

PLEASE put some clothes on.

So this is a topic that annoys me about alot of the women in music at the minute, specifically in the UK. Girl bands in the UK dress like sluts. There I said it. And one band brought on my annoyance fairly recently.

Oh sugababes. Since bloody Amelle came along (Yeah, I'm blaming her) they've turned into right slaaaaaaaaags.

It's not just their appearance either. They've had songs like 'Get Sexy' and 'About a girl' which are 'sexy' songs. Back in the day, they used to have songs such as 'Ugly', which was one of my favourites! Which actually speaks to me as a person, and makes me all happy and stuff. I don't really care how sexy you are sugababes, and yeah it's a catchy song but it doesn't have any substance.
They haven't always been prim and proper, I know that. But before they were unique. Mutya in particular was abit out there and although she would wear things maybe a bit risque, she didn't do it in a generic way, if that makes sense? Lady GaGa dresses crazy ALL the time, but she does it to be unique, and shes naturally sexy when doing it. When girls dress sexy in a stereotypical way, it just makes them look slutty. You know what I mean?

(Before and after shots)

The sugababes are now just another girl group that is 'sexy'. I have nothing against that, I mean, if you were in a band you'd want to look hot etc, but I feel that with now 3 British girl bands portraying such an image, will effect so many young girls self esteem. I can't hold them responsible, like their actions shouldn't be to blame, they can do what they want. But I am so sick and tired of seeing woman all look the same, sexy, perfect. And to be perfectly honest, no one in girls aloud can sing and The Saturdays are OK, but the only talented one really is the front woman. Molly from The Saturdays sounds AWFUL. Literally was just put in the group to be sexy, lets not lie!

I know I've picked 'sexy' pictures on purpose, I won't lie, obviously they don't look like this in every picture. But it really pisses me off. I want powerful women who dress how they want (whether it be sexy or not) for themselves, not to look good on front of an album cover or to appeal to guys.

Beyonce is sexy, but I would never call her slutty (But it her video for 'videophone' she does look abit like a slag aha) because shes so fierce and is naturally sexy.
These girl bands are just a stereotype for what people in Britain want for women in music, eye candy.
I have nothing against Pixie Lott (except her HUGE amounts of makeup) but if she wasn't so hot, would she be as famous? I mean fair does she has a good voice.. but if she wasn't this hot young thang', would anyone care?

Theres also been reports of how skinny girls aloud have got. Now I believe that although they are role models, they are still people in their own skin and they should be able to be how they want without having to worry what others think, I mean.. responsibility for young girls is hard. BUT being that skinny DOES present a bad image and not just that, but it isn't healthy AT ALL. The whole skinny debate is a silly one to have cause lets not lie, all celebrities are skinny and 'perfect'.

ALSO Lady Gagas new video for 'telephone' (I know you've all seen it) I am in two minds about. Yes, okay it is art, and I always respect her for having artistic fashion and stuff, but the video just came across very slutty. Like I understood the art of it and all.. but still. It was alot sluttier than other things shes done, but I guess she wants to push the boundaries. And in a way I feel that is more acceptable when it's art, and I don't know why, but thats just me!

It really worries me sometimes, because personally I don't get effected, but I know so many people do. My own sister said she doesn't like reading fashion magazines cause it makes her feel self conscious about herself. It actually upsets me that anyone would feel like this, and its just a huge viscous circle.

What do you all feel? I know it's abit off topic, but it has been bugging me for SUCH a long time! Please lemme knew your honest opinions :)

P.S. I'm off to London to meet Jasper Garvida on the 29th! If any of you are going, drop me a comment. I'd love to know whos going as I love meeting fellow bloggers!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

These boots were made for walkin'

I think it's safe to say that although I do not have a particular style (in my opinion anyway), I am very girly.
So how I have come about having 3 pairs of punk styled boots is beyond me!
Please observe -

Sorry that the pictures are very dark, I took them at like 5, which is crappy lighting all over!

I have mentioned these before, and I love them so much! I don't wear them with dresses as I haven't really got the 'punk boots with girly dress' look down yet, but they are so pretty. They have one stud missing :( and have been used quite alot as you can see! They were £17 from primark.. the last pair left in my ever so small size 3 size, so it was meant to be <3 haha. They have NO GRIP WHATSOEVER. These were the only proper boots I owned whilst the snow was chilling back in Jan, so I literally was slipping everywhere. Not. Good. However these babies are beautiful so I'll forgive them haaa :)

My lovely friend Roma was telling me how she had some doc marten lookalikeys that didn't fit her and when she showed me of course I tried them on. They fit perfectly and looked pretty awesome, so she let me have them! I was so happy! These are definately boots I wouldn't pick up myself, but she got them for £4 from a charity shop, the inside is pretty nice too ;) I wore them with my black and red check shirt (incase anyone knows which one that is) with my geeky glasses and tights to school. I looked very emo, it's safe to say, but I liked it.

These are my newest collection and haven't been worn. I saw them and fell in love, but now I have no idea what to wear them with! They were £16 (and £4 postage) off of ebay and originally Primark! I really wanted worker boots but thought that they all looked the same and I wanted a feminine touch, and the heel does just that, Plus, being 5 foot and all, I could do with the height! And cause it's a fairly low and chunky heel, it's perfect for daytime.

So now I have 3 pairs of punky styled boots and have no idea how to diferentiate the ways of wearing them.. argh aha!
Sorry for the boring post, I will have my contest up soon, promise! Schools just getting under my skin and I'm just tired ALL the time!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

February 2010 : Favourites

I wasn't going to do february as I'd left it late and hadn't thought of anything really, but I like that I've kept up with my monthly stuffs :)

So heres the loot, sorry for the crap quality. I'm so bad at taking pictures ha!

Aussie shampoo, Collection 2000 eyeliner, Owl necklace, Snowcake soap, So? sinful perfume, Trick and treatment concealer.

Snowcake soap by lush.
It has been my favourite ever since I was little. My sister got a chunk of this free after christmas sales and swapped it with me for tramp showergel, and I looove it. The smell is gorgeous and it reminds me of christmas. Of course it is not to everyones taste! It smells like almond cookies.. YUM! :D

Fast stroke eyeliner by collection 2000
My favourite liquid liner ever! Not just cause it is a mere £2.00, but it has a perfect brush and perfect black colour, and it hardly smudges! Obviously it is different for many people, but I love this kinda brush, and I have been wearing top liner alot more recently.

Owl necklace from primark
I know this isn't beauty, and you've all seen this necklace before, but I've been wearing it loads recently! I love owl and this necklace is just so cute!

Trick and treatment conceleaer by soap and glory
This was brand new in box, 50p from a carboot! I know, crazy! And yes, I'm aware it's not my skin colour, but for some reason, it just really works on my bags. I have awful bags and this is a really great concealer for them. I know a few people who have used this on a darker skintone and liked it, and people on a light skin tone and hated it. I'm not sure why, but it works for me, so I'm happy :)

Aussie shampoo
To be quite honest this isn't the greatest shampoo, and I have only been using it because hey, it was free. But THE SMELL. It is SOO good, literally cannot get enough of it. I think I'm going to check some Aussie products out, maybe for a different hair type as this one clearly ain't for me, as the smell is just amazing!

so? sinful perfume
So? perfume range was my favourite when I was younger! Cause it was just cheap and smelt really nice. Well, my little sister got me this cause I kept stealing hers aha and I love it! It's my favourite one from the so? collection and easy to just pop in my bag.

Oooh and finally, my fashiony items I've been wearing..

I LOVE my new asos bag, and the brogues match perfectly. They look so good with a pretty dress and tights, can't stop wearing them :)

That's it for the month.. anything you've been loving in February (I know, it was ages ago ahaha!)