Sunday, February 28, 2010

Urban Decay: Alice in Wonderland Palette

I have never owned an urban decay palette.. so why not make my first purchase this BEAUTIFUL gem?

I know it sold out online pretty quickly, but I'm sure they go in stores today so I would go and check out your nearest Debenhams :)
The pop up art is absolutely stunning.

The colours are really pretty, and I think its the best palette out of the collection to get.

My favourites colours thus far, definately have to be 'Absolem', 'Mushroom', 'Mad hatter', 'Alice' and 'Jabberwocky' I haven't actually swatched them or anything yet. They are just TOO pretty!

I have swatched the liners however.

I am not much of an expert on kohl liner, I buy a cheap black one usually. But These liners have AMAZING staying power. They won't even come off my hand! I had to wash them! The blue is a bluey green, and it is so so pretty!

And finally, the cute baby Primer Potion!

Compared to the full size bottle, it's a baby! Look how cuuuute it is!

So overall, It was £28. I really really recommend this palette. I know it is alot of money but it is limited edition, so if you can get your hands on one, you will be very lucky!
Would just like to thank lipglossiping, for keeping us UK-ers updated with when it is coming in stock, debenhams vouchercodes etc. She got a first look at the palette a while back and has a very thorough post on it here.

My contest will be up mid march, because it is a February/March contest. It's gonna be huge! So look out for that :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweet your vanilla week.

Do you ever get 'can't be bothered' days? Of course you do, you're only human! I have abit of a bloggers block at the mo, not been feeling all that lovely so it will be hard to photograph a face thats constantly like this ':('.
So I thought I'd show you my planner I use for sixth form and you know, my day to day plans. It is beautiful. It is from ebay from Korea I'm pretty sure (the subway map thing is awesome!) and I love it so so much. These pictures instantly cheer me up. I have spoken about it before on this blog.


(excuse my fugly handwriting!)
I hope I've cheered your crappy thursday up. There will be a contest soon for the February giveaway.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eclectic Eccentricity

As a blogger, I do recieve emails once in a while with companies telling me about new items they have in stock, or special offers etc. I never really feel to mention them unless I think my readers will ACTUALLY enjoy them, because I hate blogs that are just full of PR items etc.

I got a lovely email from the people down at 'Eclectic Eccentricity', A jewellery shop. I'm no strangers to the beautiful handmade jewellery on the net, my favourites include this charming girl and jijikiki. So reading this email I didn't expect it to be that much different, but oh, was I wrong!

There are a few pieces on the site that are quite pricey, and these are the cheaper pieces. These are my favouriiiite. I absolutely love them. I don't know why, but I seem to love every piece on there, which is rare for jewellery! And I think they're very unique. I tend to come across the same sortof styles in vintage handmade jewellery (cameos, bows, etc) but these really struck me. There are a load more pieces on there. I genuinely recommend this site, and cannot wait till I have enough monies to buy something. In the mean time, I will marry you if you buy me this?

Okay, maybe not marry. But oh em gee. I LOVE this necklace. It is so so beautiful and so unique :)

The reason they sent me the email is that they are having a load of special offers during LFW. They have a blog that will keep you upadated frequently no doubt, so please check it out for more info. But it seems like alot of fun and a great chance to win prizes :)

Timetable of events
Monday 22nd: EE has designed a necklace which you get to name! Whoever chooses the best name wins the piece.
Tuesday 23rd: EE will be running a poll of over 15 popular pieces – whichever receives the most votes will be discounted by 50% for one day only!
Wednesday 24th: EE will be giving clues to lead you on a treasure hunt across
the website. Get the right answer and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a goodie bag worth over £100!

Let me know if you buy anything, I'd love to see what you pick!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

From Russia, with love.

I recieved a lovely email from about a contest they are running.
"Post up a picture of you or a chosen model (rope in a friend if you like) showcasing your very best bargainista outfit."
Now you all know I'm a carboot and charity shop fanatic, most things I buy are barganous. So I decided to do my most recent and favourite 'bargains'.
The main bit of the outfit is expensive, but SUCH a bargain for what it is. Observe.
You like?
The russian style hat was £2.75 from a charity shop and I really wasn't sure about it, but bit the bullet anyway. I had seen this pretty blonde girl wearing one before and thought it looked amazing on her!
The coat thing is uh-mazing. It has shoulderpads, pleats, a beautiful tartan pattern. Best of all, it is VINTAGE, from America and cost a lovely £25 (inc P&P!!) It was bought off ebay, but is in amazing condition!
The suede brogues you've seen before and were £15 from ebay and the belt is probably primark or something.
I look kinda chubby on the pictures cause I'm wearing layers, it was freezing out! But I look very lumpy-and-bumpy haha. Sorry about that.. & the coat could have done with an iron!

So this is my entry, and I really loved the idea of it and the prize is 2 VIP tickets to a club lounge at LF weekend. And second prize is a not-too-shabby £50 topshop voucher!
Also, I genuinely use vouchercodes all the time, I used it to buy that brown satchel bag a few posts down (yes, I actually bought it!) and got myself a lovely 20% off at ASOS through the site. So if you haven't already, check, they have vouchers for pretty much ANYTHING.

My number one bargain hunting tip is -
Finding vintage in charity shops/carboot sales is VITAL. For one, they are totally in style right now, and for another, most pieces are almost unique! Vintage sells for alot of money these days, so unless it is BEAUTIFUL (like my coat up there ^) then it's probably not worth it. Also, if you get tired of it, selling vintage on ebay can be a big market, so you can make a nice little profit if marketed well :)

Hope you liked this post my dears, and my new purchases. I feel like I'm from Russia (hence the title) in the hat and coat. I'm not sure why. Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh Darling.

Gosh darling, that is. Everyone has heard of this lipstick, it is a HG item for many bloggers and vloggers here on the tinterweb. So I bit the bullet & bought it!
To be fair, it was only £6. However I am very aware I have a medium-dark skintone and this lipstick is abit too light for me.
At first I was like argh, this looks terrible! But I got used to it and you know what? If Rihanna can pull it off then why can't I?

And I think it would look GORGEOUS with a pink or purple lipglass on top. Thoughts?

I really like it and for £6 you can't go wrong!
Here is how I achieved my makeup:
♥ Mac studio sculpt in NC44
♥ Cheap brand translucent powder
♥ Trick and treatment concealer by soap and glory under eyes
♥ Maybelline collossall mascara and Lash extension effect on top and bottom lashes.
♥ Brown in outer corners of lids from 120 palette
♥ Blue Mac pigment on lower lashline
♥ Gosh darling on lips

The mac pigment really makes my eyes POP. I'm not wearing and kohl or liquid eyeliner here either, which is usually my staple item. I thought it worked well without it :) I did the look inspired by Rihannas look >HERE< and I really like it! It goes with my new pastel floral crop top from a charity shop that I'm wearing in the picture. I will try and show you it properly soonish :)

Sorry for the lack of replying to comments etc, I've been lazy as it's half term for me now. And I did have a lovely valentines day (for all you who asked) It was just nice and relaxing.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy valentines day.

I really love getting awards from people, and this has really made my valentines day :) I received two, one of them was given to me by two different people, so pretty much 3, recently. And I could not be happier. And they are a new award to add to my lovely blog award section > Which is looking pretty lovely at the moment!

I need to pass them to people but I'm going to be really mean and not pass them, just for the pure fact I've literally run out of blogs to pass them onto, I've had a few awards recently! But I am SO thankful for them!

Next I was tagged by the ever so lovely meowcake, Her tag was in video form and it was so funny! I love watching people and realising they just have a great personality. My personality does NOt come through on videos haha (just the annoying Yorkshire accent and fast talking-ness aha)

10 weird facts
Ah I have answered lots of fact tags already that I doubt I have many more facts left (I'm not all that interesting you know!) But I shall try my best. :) It also says you should ideally do a video tag, ahhh I am way too scared to video myself! So it will have to be a written one, sorry!

10. The best thing I like about myself are my hands and feet. They are tiny, and I really dislike big ones, footwise I'm a size 3!
9. I wouldn't change anything about myself. I know this sounds very up myself, but it's not. I genuinely believe that imperfections ARE your perfections and what makes people unique. Sure, I hate that bump in my nose, and my thighs are chubby, but if I could afford plastic surgery I wouldn't get it. I'm happy with my 'imperfections', it makes me 'me' :) I don't believe in plastic surgery, although I think if you want to get it it's up to you.
8. The only sandwich I will eat has to be one brown bread, red cheese that is grated and cut into triangles. I can't have them sliced, or white cheese, or white bread. I can have them square but it really irritates me.
7. I believe personality is WAY more important than looks, looks don't even come close. A sense of humour is one of the most important things I look for in a guy.
6. I have met the current queen of England. When I was in year 5 (9-10) I was chosen from several other schools in my city to visit the opening of something and came to unveil it.. I can't really remember.
5. I don't eat fish, it makes me feel sick.
4. I once wrote a poem in year 8 (aged 12-13) that made my teacher cry. It was about leaving home to do with the evacuation and literally took me 5 minutes to write.
3. I hate twilight. Now that IS a weird fact for you :)
2. I can burp on command haha. It's not something to brag about, but it is highly weird and not very lady-like!
1. I don't want to get married *gasps* I have 2 major reasons but it's quite a long explanation. Although I do understand why people do, it's my personal choice not to :)

I am going to spend my valentines day watching lots of crappy films whilst sewing some clothes. 2 things that I LOVE doing :) I have already said this plenty of times but I loooove being single and I am not going to waste my time on a guy just because it's valentines day thankyou very much :)
Please check out a blog post I wrote for fashionxcourt's blog. I think it's fairly long but I think it's quite good (for me anyway!) so please take a gander if you have the time. It is about being single of valentines day and how to survive it! -


Here are some lovey dovey themed items to get you in the mood :)

OH and happy Chinese new year everyone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

January 2010: Favourites

Here are a few thing I have been loving this January!

♥ Beauty -

Large hair rollers.
The ever so beautiful zoe mentioned that she uses these sometimes to get her hair more volumised. She has the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen! I recommend getting them, just to add volume at the crown of your head, especially if you don't wanna tease all the time. I got 6 (even though theres 3 here.. I can't find my other 3 haha!) off ebay for like, £2.50? They're huoooge.

J'adore dior:
I love the smell of this, and I love the bottle. Enough said really! It's pricey, but I think it's one of those 'splurging' perfumes. Valentines day anyone? Look at how much I have left! *sniff*
(The black specs are paint, I have no idea where from aha)

Soap and glory 'The righteous butter':
It was in my mini soap and glory gift set thingy, and Its my go to body butter for January. To be honest, it is just because I keep forgetting to buy my regular body butter (palmers cocoa butter) so this one was all I had! It's really cute to pop in my bag however and it does the job. And it smells yummy :)

Tressemme heat defence:
HG Heat defence stuff, can't go wrong really. I love the bottle, how it's a spray and it's a very light product, so you aren't making your hair all sticky. I use this mainly for straightening, but I do not straighten that much nowadays, so this bottle has lasted ageees (300ml) It's also pretty cheap, I've had it a while so I can't remember how much it is, sorry! You can find it in any boots and probably superdrug.

♥ Fashion -

Handknitted Cat hat:
It's a copycat of the topshop one that sold out straightaway! I got it off ebay and I wear it all the time. It's so so cute! (excuse my weird face on these pictures, I was having an 'every picture looks dreadful' day haha)

To be honest I haven't been consistant with my clothes except for this hat (damn you winter snow) so this is my only fashion for January haha. That's awful isn't it? I must start wearing things more than once and then forgetting about them. Ahh dear.

Hope you enjoyed my favourites, and I have some exciting news regarding clothes I'm going to be selling in my shop (I'm on abit of a hiatus at the mo due to schoolwork!) and it's all rather exciting! Also, if any of you live in Barnsley or near there, I'm going to be a seller at a vintage fair. If you want more deets then lemme know!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you're at.


Pocket watch - £3.99 Teapot - £1.99 Owl clock - £2.99
All from charity shops :)

All these things remind me of alice in wonderland. I'm going to make the pocket watch into a necklace, and the owl clock either a brooch or necklace, not really sure yet.. I love dainty little things like this. They are so beautiful.

I've not been upto much, besides charity shopping, drinking tea and reading.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend my beauties.

p.s. The winner of the Urban decay contest is ..
Congratulations beautiful! :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

January 2010: Celebrities Style, Makeup and Beauty.

This is new for 2010, just like my giveaways!
I will be talking about a celebrity thats style I am loving for the month, make-up and beauty (a.k.a. is stunning & it makes me so so jealous!)
It's all just a few things each month, it will be interesting to see how my opinions change on celebs over the months, If my preferences get edgier, girlier? I recommend people do this, if not all 3, just fashion or make-up?
Lets get on with it!

I have always preferred Nicola to the other members of Girls Aloud. Why? Because shes different! In the good old days she was tanned and tacky like the rest of the girls, but she brought her own line 'Dainty Doll' out and BAM, she came into her own and I literally love her style. It is so dainty and cute and vintage and just yum! Her hair is amazing too, and I genuinely just adore her style right now. Also for you Brits, catch her show on BBC THREE (or iplayer!) about the danger of tanning beds etc. It's really good :)

Rihanna has the same skin tone as me, and similar eye colour. So when I look at her different make-up looks, it makes me believe that maybe I could look that good! It's a good idea to get a make-up icon with similar skin tone and eye colour as you, so if something doesn't really work with them, you pretty much know it wont work with you! I love that she wears bright lipstick here, and everything about it is screaming 'This should look dreadful', but it doesn't! All her make-up looks have been pretty fabby, I recommend googling them for inspiration. But this one is one of my favourites! Tips:
♥ Investing in a good bronzer (like Nars Laguna) can pay off in the long run. Bronzer is especially good for summer, but use it for a lovely glow in the cold weather too! Take it easy on the bronzer when the eye makeup is heavy though.
♥ Using blue makes hazel/green eyes POP. Either on the lower lashline or lid, either way really brings out the colour.
♥ Bright Lipsticks = Take the risk! I would have never guessed this colour would have worked on a darker skintone. But I love it :)

You may know her from her role in 'That 70's show', But may know her even better for voicing Meg Griffin on Family Guy. She is actually beautiful. She is Ukranian and lovely and is my girl crush for January :)

Agree? Disagree? Who are YOUR January favourites? I know it isn't January, but I'm doing it just after January so I have actually had a whole month to obsess haha! Nex post will be up soon lovelies, don't you worry.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Underwear as outerwear?

That is the question on everyones lips (apparently). I have been itching for a bustier, not to wear as lingerie, but to wear as a sortof top. Not for everyday, I think they would look lovely with a nice high waisted skirt or with jeans for the evening. My sister thinks it's abit weird and alot of people think it's 'racy'. What are your thoughts exactly?

Here are some bustiers I've been lusting after. nomnom

I think they're all topshop.. past collections mostly!

I bought my own! It doesn't fit my bust very well, which kinda sucks. But it's not too small so that's alright! It was brand new with tags from a charity shop, which I'm glad about cause I don't really do second hand bras and stuff. It was £2.99. Worth it?
. .

I think so. It's got such girly detailing which totally shows me! I think it would look fab with a floaty pink skirt and pretty pink heels :)

And I have found the PERFECT brown satchel bag! I wanted one ever since I had my little one (which FYI, I sold on ebay for a lovely £25.. it cost me 50p!), but I sold it because it was wayyyy to small to fit anything in. I want a satchel that matches my beautiful brown brogues and also is big enough for school. I saw the gorgeous Carrie from at the bloggers event carrying her amazing Alexa mulberry bag *sigh* I even stroked it haha! I haven't got that kinda moolah, but this is perfect!

Thought's? I haven't purchased it yet, I'm a little scared haha. So I want your honest opinions :)

Lastly, another wonderful award. I cannot thank people enough, I appreciate every single one of them, I really do! This one I have recieved already, but I'mma do it again anyways. Thanks imogen!

The recipient of this award is required to list seven interesting things about themself and then pass it on to seven bloggers.
1. I can solve a rubiks cube under 2 minutes. Yeah, I'm that cool.
2. My mobile phone is a sidekick 2009. It's so hot!
3. The last time I full on cried was watching the reader. Epic movie.
4. My hair never looks the way I want it. ever!
5. My staple wardrobe item is a pair of skinny jeans and black tights.
6. My room is always messy.
7. I drink too many cups of tea a day. No wonder I hardly sleep.

They were pretty crapoola things about myself, sorry haha.
I pass it onto -
Ruth again because I love her :)

The winner of my contest will be up soon my beauties. Do not worry :) so overall..
-Underwear as outerwar, yay or nay?
-Should I buy that bag?